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Spring Is Springing: I'm Taking up Yoga and Making More Time for Play

Posted by Dr. Christianne Schelling on

Spring is a time of new beginnings for cats and people.

Spring is one of my favorite seasons. I'm a gardener, so I get super excited about seeing the new plants start to pop up and watching everything get greener.

My cats seem to love spring, too. They spend more time sitting in their Big Bed View: Everest Edition near the sliding glass door, watching the goings-on outside. My favorite is when they see a bird and make that cat noise that's something between a bark and a chirp. Aw!!!!

Spring is always a time when I think ahead to summer and starting new projects. I think I make more resolutions in this "new beginnings" time of year than I do in January! This year, I'm adding a new flower bed to my landscaping and planning to do more yoga.

It's easy to teach your Kitty good scratching habits with the PurrFect Post

For my cats, I'm pledging to add more playtime to their day. One of my cats has been scratching at a piece of carpeting near my office door. I'm taking it as a sign that he thinks I should work less and play with him more.

Cats will develop inappropriate behaviors like scratching belongings when they're bored or stressed, and interactive play relieves both.

I'm going to add some extra wand-play time with my big boy, cover the carpet he's scratching with foil, and bring a new Purrfect Post near my office door, so he can scratch that to tell me when I've worked enough for the day.

What new beginnings are you and your kitty going to have fun with this spring?

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