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  • We 4 would like to submit our sincere and wonderful thanks to your company for our most wonderful of scratching posts. See, Mommy got this new couch that was NOT approved for kitty scratching, and well, we didn't like our existing scratchers too well. Well, Grandma sent us a Mondo and an Angle and all 5 of us (4 kitties and Mommy) are THRILLED. We have the BEST scratching posts ever now and we all have EXCELLENT manners about only scratching our stuff now. Plus, Grandma got us some toys also, and we really like to kill Da Bird and Da Butterfly and Da Bug. Mommy says the only problem is that our claws get sharp extra fast now, so we are on a two week trimming schedule. But that's not too bad, and we are good kitties for our paw-dicures. Lincoln, NE

  • Our 3 cats have enjoyed their Purrfect Post for 6 years now! We have also fostered cats from a local rescue group, and often they are not scratching-post trained when they arrive. The Purrfect Post makes it easy to train them because they are drawn to it right away. Then we make sure the adopters know that the Purrfect Post is the one they should get for their home, to avoid any problems with furniture scratching right from the start. Your website is the place we always refer them to for tips on how to position the post and encourage their cat to use it exclusively. The Purrfect Post has moved with us multiple times and due to its sturdy construction was easy to take apart and put back together during our moves, but it is still as strong as the first day we got it. We think it is finally time to buy a replacement post for the Purrfect Post, and now I see you have the Mondo post, I think my cats will need one of those, too! Pictured is our 6 year old Purrfect Post, as you can see it has been much-loved. It has certainly been worth the price, it has lasted so long and provided so much fun for our cats! Menlo Park, CA

  • Tango
    Just wanted to say that you have a great product! The second I had the post set up, our cat, Tango, immediately began scratching at it! Since we got it, Tango has not scratched anything else. Attached is a pic of him enjoying your product. - Spencer S.

  • Angel & Dash Angel & Dash Angel & Dash
    Here are some pictures of my cat's reaction to the purrfect post. Angel liked the box. Dash liked the post.. and of course the CATNIP. My three cats use the purrfect post enough to keep their nails short. Before I got the post I had to cut my cat's nails.. not real fun! - Sallee O.

  • From the moment your package arrived my three cats got excited because they love boxes.Once the package was opened and unwrapped, they started scratching on the base of the post. First I assembled the purrfect post and the cats took turns scratching and climbing, then when I assembled the mondo they all took turns sitting on top of it. It's true that they can't walk past one without clawing at it! - Lu R.

  • Couda and Roy Couda and Roy Couda and Roy
    I was scepticle because they have NEVER taken to any new "toy" or scratcher right away. They could hardly wait to get their claws in the scratcher and they both have claimed it for their own! Greensboro, NC

  • Inky Inky
    Inky fell in love with her PurrFect Post the minute she saw it when she was 8 weeks old. She's a year old now and she still loves it and uses it several times eaach day. We're so pleased that we got it for her. We had new leather furniture when we adopted her and we didn't want to have her de-clawed. We're all so pleased that we bought a PurrFect Post instead - and in the year we've had Inky, we haven't had one scratch on our leather furniture - or any other furniture. We love the PurrFect Post as much as Inky does. Chandler, AZ

  • I received my PurFect Post Deluxe,assembled it,rubbed a little cat nip on the base,left the room to get a drink,and returned to find him already scratching like crazy! I will be ordering the PurrFect angle ASAP!Nothing makes you feel smarter than money well spent. Chicago, IL

  • Chaplin and Murphy Chaplin and Murphy Chaplin and Murphy
    Hello! I received your Purrfect Post and both my kittens immediately LOVED it, even without the catnip. I wanted a sturdy post, since Murphy is a Maine Coon and will need a large post that will not tip over. This one is just what I wanted. There was no need to 'show them' what to do... The kittens immediately scratched and love to climb it. Thanks for a great product; I may get another one in the future for the upstairs! Thanks again and feel free to use the pictures of my cats on your website: the black and white one is Chaplin, the silver tabby is Murphy. Later note: The kitties are getting bigger every day, but they still love the scratching post. It is a wonderful product and both Murphy and Chaplin have never scratched on my furniture! Sincerely, - Dunja H

  • Abby
    Abby the 15 year old senior Siamese proves that you can teach an old cat new tricks! Abby started using the Purrfect Post this weekend! Your suggestion of putting it into the box with paper and the old carpeted post beside it, first upright and then on its side, did the trick! She put it altogether and I caught her scratching on the Purrfect Post on Saturday. It has happened several times now, but I am leaving the box, paper and old post on its side right there for awhile! Thanks so very much for working with Abby and me on this. She will be 15 years old on April 26th. As her episodes on the Purrfect Post get longer, I will have the opportunity to take her picture and send it to you! Abby no longer needs the box with paper and the old carpeted post on its side! I caught her leaning over the box to scratch up high with a good stretch...and away went the box and old post!!! Attached is a picture. The scenario that you see in the picture now happens with great regularity. - Emily

  • Rocket
    The Purrfect Post beats anything sold in a pet store at any price I've seen. My cats like it so much I'm ordering another. They like to perch on the top, and I have two cats, so I guess I need two posts!! Appleton, WI

  • Stone
    I bought your scratching post for my new kitten about a month ago. In the beginning he wasn't too sure about it. But he has started using it. It still has been difficult to get a picture of him using it. So I put one of his favorite little toy mice on the top, and he reached up to get the mouse. He has begun to just enjoy scratching on the post also. I am hoping that will keep him away from the furniture. I have attached a picture of Stone scratching on the post and reaching for his toy. - Daryl

  • Gershwin Gershwin
    Since he is still a little guy we have left the three parts seperate and he is playing on the post and on the flat pads. You might enjoy seeing a new kitty on such a big pole. - Marlene S.

  • The post is a great success, both for scratching and giving access to new heights. I have two Japanese Bobtails and two Maine Coons. The Bobs are natural athletes and have seen the top of the bookcase before but in the case of my Maine Coons, the bookcase was un-chartered territory. No more. - Faye

  • Molly
    Thank you for the post, it arrived today. Note: Molly began using the scratching post literally two seconds after it was assembled, even before the catnip was sprinkled on it. Thanks! - Paul

  • Gracie
    As you can see, Gracie is a social climber. - Grace A

  • Orion
    I had to share with you just how thrilled we are with the scratching post we ordered from you. Our 6 year old indoor only cat, Orion, has never been a destructive scratcher, so we did not have him declawed. Through the years we have spend quite a bit of money purchasing multiple scratching posts and climbing toys and he has never been interested in any of them for more than 30 seconds. We recently moved to a new home and had two brand new sofas which Orion decided to target immediately. I was very skeptical about your product, but figured that at least I could get a refund if he was not interested in it. Turns out that he LOVES the scratching post!! He uses it through out the day and we have even caught him sleeping around the base of it! He loves to lounge at the base and scratch on it constantly. He seems to have the most fun when he is lying on his side, pulling himself around and around the post--- he is hilarious to watch! He uses the post all the time....and we cannot thank you enough for designing it! In the last six years, we have NEVER seen this cat take an interest in any cat post---but this one did the trick. It sure saved our new furniture from becoming the most expensive scratching posts ever. Thank you! Logan, OH

  • Bentley, Marley, Sasha
    This is the best post ever. I have 5 of these throughout my home and they all look as new as the first day we got them about 8 months ago. The cats love these posts and they still look untouched. The company shipped these really fast for me as well as they knew I was in a hurry for them. Great Company, Great Product!!!! Indiana

  • Dolly Dolly Dolly
    Best scratching post I have ever seen. Dolly started using it as soon as I took it out of the box, without the catnip. She is a non-stop kitten so it took a long time to get a photo of her on the post. - Lynn D

  • Scout Scout
    Dear Dr. Shelling, The attached pics are of our Burmese, Scout. He snubbed the scratching pole (His brother Mandy loves that one) but took to the incline after a week, which made the furniture happy. My wife, Pat, said you wanted a picture. Thanks for your help, - Ed and Pat

  • Cailyn
    Dear PurrFect Post, I recently bought the PurrFect Post and PurrFect Angle for my newly adopted two year old beautiful calico cat! Her name is Cailyn. She came from a local animal control shelter and is a bundle of energy! I fell in love with her at first sight and nothing but the best will do for my cat, hence PurrFect Post! Attached is a picture of Cailyn truly enjoying her new post! As you can see, she really enjoys digging her claws in deep and even put a couple of scratches into the top of the post! Hey, that's OK, that's what the post is for! - David H

  • Sampson Sampson Sampson
    Dear Dr. Schelling, This post is fabulous. As you can see my new baby is enjoying it immensely. I have been trying to get a better picture but he is so quick. I had a cat toy that looks like a mitten with various pom pom's hanging from the fingers. I placed it over the top to get him used to it and now he is always playing there. We adopted him from the Humane Society two weeks ago. He is seven months old and quite the character. I have two older cats and they don't want anything to do with him. His name is Sampson. My husband and I are both retired so I have lots of time to spend with him and keep him away from furniture. I thought I would put a notice up at my vets about the post. Do you have any pamphlets I could distribute? Thanks again, Sampson is very happy with his post. - Maureen C.

  • Lucy Lou
    I got my Purrfect Post this afternoon, and Lucy Lou started climbing immediately. She loves to retrieve the rope from the top. Thanks for the great product! Birmingham, AL

  • Miss Kitty Miss Kitty Miss Kitty
    Just wanted to let you know that my cat loves her purrfect post. She was a stray cat that adopted us one day and lived on our front porch for several months looking at our dogs thru the front glass door. Then I asked my husband if we could bring her in but we were concerned about her scratching our furniture. I searched and searched to find the best scratching post and after reading several reviews decided on yours and have been extremely happy with it. The first day I brought her inside, I carried her over to the post and she immediately took to it and has never scratched our furniture. The first thing she does after napping is go over to the post and scratches away. I tell everyone who has a problem with their cat scratching their furniture to get the Purrfect Post. Every cat owner should have at least one. Thank You so much for keeping my furniture from being torn to shreds. - Laura P

  • Allie and Ipo Allie and Ipo Allie and Ipo
    Your package arrived yesterday and Allie and Ipo enjoyed their new post as soon as their humans could set up. Here are photos of their first Purrfect Post poses. Allie and Ipo (Sweetheart in Hawaiian) also want you to know that their Purrfect post is "no kai oi" (the best!!!) and their humans will be spreading their princesses' scratching luxury to other Hawaiian feline fanciers. This is the best cat post in the universe. Aloha kakou (aloha to all) and pray for surf. Mahalo (thank you) and aloha, P.S. Mahalo too for the catnip. What a wonderful surprise. Hawaii

  • Nik Nik Nik
    This is my Nik. He was thrown onto I-4 at 5 weeks old. A few cars drove over him but didn't hit him. I stopped to pick him up. His chin was scraped very badly but he was okay. He has brought my family and I so much joy! This picture was taken when he was 7 weeks old. His scar can still be seen on his little chin. Your website is great! Thank you for caring about these little miracles! Nik absolutely loves his purrfect post. It's not very hard to catch him using it. He must sharpen his claws 10 times a day. No more scratching on other things. Here is a photo of him using it! Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful product. - Jen

  • Dory
    We ordered our purrfect post a few days ago and it arrived promptly. Our cat, Dory, loves it and has taken to climbing it like a tree. I've included a picture of her in the act chasing a feather toy. - Chris

  • Max Max Max
    I was amazed at how Max responded to the scratching post! He had previously scratched my carpet in my apartment, but since I moved, I didn't want that to happen again so I invested in this post. And wow! I no sooner got it out of the box than he was scratching the base of it before I even put it together! He now loves to scratch the base and the post almost every time he walks by it. Thank you so much for making a post that cats automatically love and will use. It makes me happy to know that he is doing something he loves in a constructive way. Indianapolis, IN

  • Indiana and Fritz Indiana and Fritz Indiana and Fritz
    My kittens LOVE this scratching post! Victoria, TX

  • Maizy and Max Maizy and Max Maizy and Max
    Dr. Schelling, We have Maizy, a 2-yr.-old, 15-lb. female and Max, a 10-month-old, 9-lb. male that play very aggresively and both like to scratch a lot. We've tried different things and they work for a short time, but then they lose interest and go back to their normal routine. Other posts we have bought get tipped over or are not stable enough and they don't want to use them. I can tell that there was more than just some wood and fabric behind this post, i.e. it was well thought out. I put some catnip on it, but I really didn't need to. They have taken to it and even fight over who gets to use it, with the Maizy always winning for now. They have not been scratching anything in that area except the post. To my surprise it has not even come close to tipping over even on soft carpet. Thanks for such a good product. Richmond, Texas

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