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What You're Missing If You Don't Have a Cat

Having a cat provides unique experiences.

Have you ever wondered just what you're missing because you don't share your home with a cat? Well, it turns out that there's plenty that you aren't experiencing that you could be. Let's name just a few things.

There are more exciting things to scratch than your leather furniture.

You're Not Stepping in Hairballs

There's nothing quite like stepping on a cold (or warm), slimy hairball in the morning with your bare feet. You haven't lived until you've had this experience.

You're Not Getting Woken up by a Mouthful of Fur

If you wake up every morning because your alarm went off, you're really missing out. There's nothing like trying to breathe in fur to start your day off right. That or the sudden cacophony of a hungry kitty yowling in your ear.

You Don't Have Litter Box Duty

Nothing builds character like daily litter box care. If you're not doing it, you might be having trouble with such character traits as stoicism and timeliness. Plus, doing this chore can help build your breath-holding abilities, so if you're training to be an Olympic swimmer, having a cat box to care for is pretty much a requirement.

You Aren't Getting Feline Love Blinks and Muffins

Let's face it; there are some not so pleasant things about living with a cat. But the bottom line is that, if you don't have a feline in your life, you don't get to experience all the beautiful things that can only happen to you when one is around. Like these:

Cats playing with toys and scratching posts is great for their body and mind.

  • The slow eye blink that cats give you from across the room when they love you.
  • A happy, purring kitty making muffins on your lap by kneading furry paws back and forth.
  • The joy that is watching a furry ball of fury leap through the air, giving chase to a catnip mouse.
  • Being greeted at the door after a long day at work by a happy kitty that is rubbing furiously on your shins.
  • Settling in for an evening of television or reading with a warm cat ball on your lap.
  • The laughter that comes when your cat does silly things like jumping out at you from behind something or sitting on the refrigerator staring at you while you make breakfast.

The joy that comes from having a kitty in your life is a one-of-a-kind experience. Plus, you'll get to work on your breath-holding skills and hone your hairball-avoiding gymnastics moves.

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