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  • Chip and Cookie
    I'm happy to place our Mondo in the living room where guests can see it. Chip and Cookie use it constantly and it's their go-to spot to enjoy early morning sunshine. I've had the Mondo for several years now and it still looks like new - superb construction. Moraga, CA

  • Six fantastic felines reside with me, and I foster many for Classy Cats. Never has there been a feline that didn't adore Purrfect Post. I am very active discouraging people from declawing because I have had cats declawed and seen first hand the permanent damage done, and I see it when I foster declawed cats relenquished by owners to shelters that come through our program. I can never thank you enough for this excellent quality product! RESPECT the paws! Hugggs Keller Texas

  • GiGi GiGi
    GiGi likes to balance as well as stretch/scratch! Minnesota

  • Buddy, Ernie, Lucky, and Bossy
    Got the new scratch post today! I hope they enjoy this new one as well as they did the old one. 7-1/2 years of scratching and claw-shreading finally did the old one in. Best investment ever for the cats AND my furniture! I had it out of the box not even 15 minutes and they were scratching on it while I was assembling it. Barberton, Ohio

  • Gus & Lily Belle Gus & Lily Belle
    My Bengals couldn't wait for me to put the post together so they helped. Then Gus did his favorite trick while sitting on top of it. He turned in a circle and did his happy dance. But since you don't take videos, he settled for giving it a "Heck Yeah." Texas

  • Dexter, Sinister, & Huggy Cat Dexter, Sinister, & Huggy Cat Dexter, Sinister, & Huggy Cat
    Our family recently moved in to the big city, and we left behind our cat-impervious microfiber couch and wood stump that had previously kept the cats away from the furniture. In our new, smaller, place with our new, smaller, non-microfiber couch, our cats were keeping themselves occupied by seeing which corner of the couch might give way first..... During the evening when my husband and I spend the most time with the cats, one of them would be going at the couch every five minutes or so. I ordered two purrfect scratching posts, and I haven't caught the cats scratching the couch even one time since. I'm really surprised just how effective they are - I assumed there would be simply a reduction in couch clawing, not total cessation. thanks for the peaceful evenings, - Rachael K.

  • I just want to say that my cats and I LOVE the PerfectPost double post product. I have 2 cats that use the post constantly. No more clawing my fabric couch. I also have the slanted flat scratcher and wouldn't go without it. We just ordered new leather furniture and.... I ordered them a MONDO with sleeping perch and another flat scratcher. Yes.... These products are more expensive and yes, they are well worth the money. I tried the other carpet covered models. Cats didn't touch them. Buy a product that saves your furniture and your cats actually love. You won't regret the purchase. I am a VERY satisfied customer. California

  • Danny
    Our cat Danny was ripping our beautiful new sofa to shreds, and I knew I had to find something more enticing. Danny LOVES his new Mondo post!! He took to it immediately. And the Leopard bed is his new favorite place to perch. The Mondo is a beautifully crafted item - I am actually proud to display it in our living room. I highly recommend this product! Brooklyn, New York

  • Scotty and Sophie Scotty and Sophie
    My cats have been using cardboard and carpet scratch post and both have worked well. But what a mess, especially the cardboard. Little pieces everywhere. Both wore out fast and had to be replaced often. I got the MONDO today. What a wonderful piece of workmanship. Beautiful to look at and very well packaged. Easy to put together. My cat Scotty went to it right away. He scratches, stretches and climbs...then perches on the top. I plan to order the Purrfect View to replace the carpeted pieces I have now. Just wish I had ordered the combo MONDO and Purrfect View and taken advantage of the discount. If you are contemplating ordering, don't hesitate to get that combo. When you see the quality of this product you won't regret it. Pflugerville, Texas

  • Pickles, P.J., Harry
    I ordered 3 of your cat posts about a month ago and my cats LOVE them! We only had one cat (and a dog) until 3 months ago when we found 4 stray kittens living at a McCoy's Lumber Yard in Austin, TX. We decided to take them home and of course we became attached to our cute kittens within a few hours and decided to keep them all! They are around 5 months right now and love your scratching posts! I've sent along three photographs of the kittens using your post that I hope you can use on your website. The first photograph shows a black and white cat sitting on top of the post who is Pickles (a girl) and the 2 boys down below are P.J. and Harry. The second photo is of P.J. sitting on top of the post with Harry down below and the last photograph is of Pickles actually using the scratching post. Our 4th kitten is named Ginger and while she also loves the scratching post she simply wasn't in the mood to be photographed the day I took these pictures! Thanks again for creating such a wonderful product! Best Wishes Austin, TX

  • Congo, Boots, and Shadow Congo, Boots, and Shadow Congo, Boots, and Shadow
    Love, love, love the Mondo scratching posts. All 3 cats go straight to it upon entering the house...and ignore the leather couches! I may need a secondary post...well worth the money spent. United States

  • Attie, Ma Gracie, Lindy Bear, Jon Jon, Roady & tons of fosters Attie, Ma Gracie, Lindy Bear, Jon Jon, Roady & tons of fosters Attie, Ma Gracie, Lindy Bear, Jon Jon, Roady & tons of fosters
    My guys have been working this post over for about 3-4 years now and it's still in wonderful shape. They use it frequently, like every 20 minutes! This is ABSOLUTELY the best post on the market. I HIGHLY recommend it. Dallas TX area

  • We adopted Gidget at 9 months old. She began to take our own couches as her scratching posts. We had purchased other scratching posts for her, but she wasn't interested. We followed the putting the post right in front of the furniture she liked. It has been over a year and we are fully satisfied. Gidget will occasionally scratch something else, but for the most part, she leaves our belongings alone. This is well worth the cost and it far superior workmanship to anything else you may find. South Florida

  • I was hesitant to purchase the Purrfect Post because I thought the price was high. Well, it is definitely worth the money! It is extremely well made and very sturdy. Our cats love it and it looks nice in any room. My next one will be a Mondo! Ocala, FL

  • I rarely write testimonials, but I just had to say how happy I am that I ordered the Mondo post for my Siamese cat, Luna. Up until the post arrived, he had his very own "cat chair" which he used as his scratching post. It was a real eyesore in my living room but I was afraid to get rid of it because I thought he would start on the other furniture. So I ordered the post, put a little catnip on it and crossed my fingers. He clawed it and climbed up almost immediately and has not bothered any of the other furniture in my house. The hideous cat chair went out to the curb and I couldn't be more pleased with my purchase! Worth every penny! thank you United States

  • I have a pair of young female cats who have been recently restricted to the house and an outdoor enclosure after roaming free for their first year. Between being cooped in and the copious snow we've had in CT this winter they are very rambunctious and scratching up everything. I've been very disappointed with the scratching posts I could get locally, they were short and not stable. I took the plunge and ordered the Mondo with the leopard bed on top. They are loving it! I can't say enough about the quality of this piece, it's very stable and they can stretch themselves out completely when scratching on it. It is now their go-to scratching place. My only issue is that I only have one and they both want to be in the bed after a good scratch! I highly recommend the mondo with the bed on top. Hartford, Connecticut

  • i bought the standard tall post and my kitties love it! Max is a 12-pound Tonkinese and he really digs in for the full stretch. I was worried he wouldn't like the sisal carpet as much as the rope he had before, but he seems to like it even better. He hits it several times a day and always ends by gnawing on it for a second, like he's giving it a little kiss. Hilarious! Bonus -- Trixie, our little brown tabby, also likes it -- before, she had never shown any interest in a scratching post of any kind, preferring our Turkish area rugs; I'm hoping this purchase steers her away from the rugs altogether!). The post is well made and is as attractive as these things can be, meaning it blends in nicely in our living room. Very happy! New York

  • I purchased my first PurrfFect Post in the fall of 2008. I had four fully clawed indoor cats and the old carpet-covered scratching post was shot. I wasn't sure how the cats would like the sisal for the scratching surface, but I really wanted the extra height offered by PurrFect Post. All four of the cats began using the new post immediately. Long story short, I just ordered and received my first replacement post. This is a great product. Alexandria, VA

  • Aslan Aslan Aslan
    Aslan is a Siberian Forest Cat. He is long and appears large due his three coats of fur, but weighs in at just 13 pounds. I have tried every type of scratcher, the post he had before I ordered the Mondo was at best 20 inches, and he had to lay down to use it, it didn't look comfortable for him and he certainly couldn't stretch out while using it. Now with the Mondo he is almost unsure of being able to stretch out and when he does he has that look of a little kid, "Hey Mom look at me, look at what I can do." Thank you, Gail and Aslan - Gail C.


  • Smoky
    Big Boy Smoky loves both of his PurrFect Posts! They are the best! Here he is in his Mondo! Cumming, GA

  • The purrfect post was a lifesaver. We got Renton 8 years ago as a cute little kitten. We played with him and fed him well, and he grew up to be the household patriarch. He owned everything, even the walls. He would leave deep gouges to remind us that he liked to decorate and in fact would jump up so high to leave his interior design markings as high as a light switch. Needless to say Renton's design aesthetic and ours is a little different, except for our tastes in scratching posts. Upon gifting it to him, Renton instantly adopted it as his muse and lovingly attends to it every day. He is fine now with our decor and lets us have our way! Thanks purrfect post Vancouver, bc

  • Miles Miles
    I was given a purrfect post for a gift when I got my kitten and he loved it! Now, 7 years later, I moved to a new house and bought another one for the 1st floor... Now its twice the fun! West Grove, PA

  • KiKi KiKi KiKi
    KiKi (a 6 month old kitten) loves his Purrfect View! This was my first order from your company, and I am thrilled. The assembly was easy, but the instructions should note that bolts should be loose until the ledge is installed. KiKi adores his "perch" as a play/nap spot and scratches the posts several times daily. I would definitely recommend your products to others! Very sturdy and well made. The size is perfect too. Not too large/small. Just right! :) Indiana, PA

  • Bella
    "Just hanging out with the authorities" Boston, MA

  • I must admit I hesitated buying this post because of what I felt was excessive cost but the quality is very worthy of the purchase. Also weighed that against all those cheaper posts I bought that my applehead siamese would not even touch. It did take a while for her to use it but once she did she is in love. She never touches my carpet anymore and even sleeps with her front paws wrapped around it. Most of all I think she likes that it does not tip or move since she is an aggressive player. I cannot praise this post enough....well worth the cost. When my "Miss Kitty" is happy, I am happy. Cedar Key, FL

  • I purchased the Purrfect Deluxe Post and Purrfect Angle a few years ago. As soon as I put the Purrfect Angle together one of my cats promptly threw up on a corner of the cardboard. I had to cut off that piece but it is still in good shape. It is on the porch and they use it when they come in. I finally turned the cardboard over that's how tough it is. They love the Deluxe post. The bottom part is tore up from their claws, but the post is still in good shape. I'd send pictures but all three cats are camera shy. I asked Santa for replacement pieces this year so we'll see if he comes through! I learned a long time ago that cats need to be to be kept occupied, claw healthy and my furniture kept safe. Thank you Purrfect Post! Ocala, FL

  • Just ordered a purrfect post replacement. After 5 years of constant use, they finally wore it out. Both cats love it and it is the best investment ever. York, PA

  • I was putting off getting new furniture because the cats had shredded what we had. But I could put it off no longer so ordered new furniture and ordered 2 new PurrFect Posts. I put them behind a chair and by the sofa. I am happy to say that they have not touched the furniture. They love the posts. I also put a PurrFect Angle in another room and they use that too. I recommend the product to all cat owners! Henderson, NV

  • Smoky
    Big Boy Smoky loves both of his PurrFect Posts! They are the best! Here he is in his Mondo! Cumming, GA

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