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The Purrfect Angle Info

Variety Is One Key to Feline Scratching Satisfaction and Furniture Protection

New Black Purrfect Angle NEW STYLE AVAILABLE!
Black Purrfect Angle.
It's sleek, elegant, and beautiful and is a fantastic complement to the Contemporary Gray sisal colored posts.
The Purrfect Angle Scratcher

While studying cat scratching behavior, we've found that most cats love to scratch angled and horizontal surfaces as well as vertical posts. They also enjoy having a variety of scratching materials because they can get bored with having just one option.

Charlie loves to stretch on the Purrfect Angle from

Cat-Satisfying Scratching Surface

The Purrfect Angle features a dense, long-lasting corrugated insert. Like sisal fabric, this material is beloved by cats for a satisfying scratch. Cats love the way the Angle's corrugated surface feels under their claws as they shred it, and it makes a splendid noise that greatly enhances the whole experience.

Original & Gray Sisal options now available!
The Purrfect Angle $99.95 + shipping

Purrfect Angle Benefits:

  • It can be placed flat or angled, allowing for different scratching positions.
  • It provides a scratching material that is different from sisal, but equally satisfying.
  • It fits easily into small spaces.
  • Its corrugated insert is extra-dense and irresistible to cats.
  • Its solid wood frame construction is pleasing to human eyes with its elegant, sleek design.
  • Its inserts are reversible and replaceable.
  • It is the Purrfect complement to one of our sisal posts.
Mickey the Monster couldn't even sumo this thing over.  It's rock solid, and cats love that.

Stability Is Not Sacrificed

The unique design of this angle scratcher allows your cat to stand on it and really dig in for a good scratch without fear of it toppling over the way many cardboard scratchers do.

Purrfect Angle Dimensions

This is Mickey, our 20-pound tabby, enjoying a backward scratch on the Purrfect Angle. Our innovative product lets him scratch and stretch in a position he couldn't possibly get into without the Purrfect Angle. Stability is a must for this husky guy's favorite maneuver.

I used to have some cardboard angle scratchers around the house to provide variety for my cats. I noticed that they were flimsy, kind of ugly, and wore out quickly. I know that cats love to scratch at an angle sometimes; it provides a workout for different muscle groups than vertical or horizontal scratching. These are the reasons I developed the Purrfect Angle using the design aspects of stability, durability, and beauty that I use on all my Purrfect Post products. I'm happy with the end result and so are my cats. They love finding the Purrfect Angle where I hide it for them under the bed or in the back of the closet. Dr. Christianne Schelling designed the Purrfect Angle for her cats I put one next to a Purrfect Post and watch how my cat loves to scratch the post, then the angle, then the post. And it breaks down small enough to take with me when I travel with my cats, so they have something comforting from home.Dr. Christianne Schelling

Angled or Flat Scratching Choices

The back leg of the Purrfect Angle can be removed so the scratcher lies flat for cats that prefer a horizontal scratch. It is much sturdier than store-bought cardboard scratchers that flip and slip around and just plain don't last.

Reversible and Replaceable Scratching Inserts

The heavy-duty inserts in the Purrfect Angle can be reversed, so when one side has been thoroughly enjoyed, you can just turn it over to the fresh side. Replacement pads are available when needed. This offers a highly economical cat scratching solution.

The Purrfect Angle comes in light wood too.

Attractive Natural Wood Design

These wood angle scratchers are all handmade by our fine craftsmen to ensure a quality appearance for your home as well as an appealing scratcher for kitty. The sleek, elegant design will add to your home décor rather than becoming an eye-sore.

Fiona and Penny Fiona and Penny

I can't tell you how happy we are with your products. We recently adopted two kittens named Fiona and Penny. In the past, we've always adopted declawed cats, so I was a little nervous about 2 "street" kittens with claws. After the kitties arrived, we bought several corregated cardboard scratching boxes. The cats looked at them, then went straight to the couch! I found your site and ordered the Mondo, 2 Angles, and one Purrfect Post. I couldn't even get them out of the box - they were already scratching at them. Great customer service too by the way. When one of the Angles didn't arrive, I called and you quickly got one out to me. My furniture says thank you! I have recommended you to all of my cat owning friends. Atkinson, NH

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Added Benefits of the Purrfect Angle

  • It doesn't take much space.

    Low profile keeps it out of sight.

  • It stores easily.

    Back leg is removable for flat storage.

  • It fits into places where you couldn't put a large post.

    Fits under shelves and tables. Tucks into closets and under beds. Cats love to discover hidden scratching treasures.

Sam loves his Purrfect Angle

Hand-crafted in the U.S.A.

Handcrafted in the USA

Each Purrfect Angle scratcher is individually handcrafted to our specifications by our talented craftsmen, assuring that you receive a high-quality product.

Better than Flat Cardboard Scratchers

Designed for optimal stability, functionality, and longevity, the Purrfect Angle allows cats to crouch down on their haunches, dig in, and really stretch and work those back and shoulder muscles. It's a bit like kitty yoga, with props. Durable construction means it will last, so you won't need to replace it every month.


Why should my cat have a post AND an angle scratcher?


Variety is the spice of life—even for cats

This thick, high-quality, dense corrugated material provides a completely different feel for your cat than sisal fabric does. Your cat will enjoy having different, immensely satisfying scratching surfaces to choose from. A variety of scratching positions is equally important. Depending on their mood, cats may want a full-body, vertical stretch, a horizontal scratch, or an angled position. The availability of scratching surface variety leads to scratching satisfaction and less chance of furniture damage.

The Purrfect Angle$99.95 + shipping




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