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Where Should I Put Scratching Posts?


Tips for where to put your scratching posts.

Did you know there's a bit of a science to deciding where in the home is best for placing your cat's scratching posts? It's true. Putting the scratching posts in the right spots can have a significant impact on whether your cat chooses to scratch them or other items in your house. We have some tips for figuring out the best places in your home to put scratching posts that your cat will use.

Pick Great Posts

Before you decide where to place scratching posts, you must first determine which ones and how many to buy. If you get wobbly posts or some that are covered in a material cats don't like to scratch, they'll likely be ignored even if you put them in the right places.

The Purrfect Angle provides your kitty with satisfying alternative scratching positions.

Cats love heavy corrugated cardboard and sisal fabric (not sisal rope) for scratching. They like to have varying angles and heights to scratch at. Cats love tall, stable posts to stretch completely up against.

Purrfect Posts fit the bill on all counts for what cats like to scratch. Learn more: "How to Choose the Best Scratching Post."

As far as how many posts to get, that will depend both on how large your house is and how many cats you have. Scratching is one way that cats let off steam and mark their territory, so if you have multiple cats, you'll need to ensure you have plenty of posts, so some cats aren't left without any way to use one.

Also, you need enough posts, so your cat never has to travel far to find one if he feels the urge to scratch. At least one on every floor is a good starting point, and you can add more if you find your cats are scratching inappropriately in certain areas of the home.

Lily perched by the window in her Purrfect View

So, Where Should You Put the Posts?

Cats like to scratch in high-traffic areas. If you tuck the posts away in dark corners, your kitty might choose more prominently-placed items in the house to scratch also or instead. The reason for this is that one of the prime reasons cats scratch is to mark territory. They want their scratches to be displayed front and center for other cats and humans to see and smell (a cat's paws have scent glands in them, and that's one of the reasons scratching is so crucial for cats—it leaves visual and olfactory information to other cats).

In addition to high-traffic areas, cats love to scratch when they first wake up, so putting posts or angled scratchers near favored sleeping spots is a great idea.

Cats absolutely love looking out windows and watching birds, squirrels, and chipmunks scamper around out there. If you place a lovely cat tree with a bed on top next to a window, your cat will absolutely adore it.

Your cat loves to hang out with you. Put posts with beds in areas that are close to where you hang out a lot. For example, a post near the kitchen counter can be an excellent way for your cat to see what you're doing and be nearby while you meal prep without climbing on the counter. If you sit in a favorite chair in the evening, a perch nearby so your cat can hang out with you will be much appreciated by your feline friend.

Use a Variety of Posts

Use a variety of post types, so your kitty has an excellent overall scratching environment. Tall posts, perches, and angles can all be used in various spots to keep your cat happy. Also, you can throw an insert for the Purrfect Angle under the bed or in the closet for your cat to discover and have a flat place to scratch.

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