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Keep Your Cat Safe at Halloween


Tips for Halloween cat safety.

Though it is a favorite holiday for many people, Halloween carries extra challenges and dangers for cats. But don't worry—you can still have a fun time once you know how to protect your kitty.

Halloween Candy Is Not Good for Cats

Chocolate and xylitol are dangerous for cats to ingest, and both substances are common in Halloween candy. Xylitol is a natural sugar substitute that's gained popularity in many human products.

It's essential to keep all Halloween candy out of reach of your cat. Most cats don't have as much of a sweet tooth as humans or dogs, but occasionally, you'll find a cat that does. Still, most of the time, if a kitty eats something sweet, it's because someone encouraged them to. Make sure everyone in your home, especially kids, knows that cats shouldn't eat Halloween candy or other treats.

Halloween Costumes Can Be Dangerous for Cats

Costumes for cats can be super cute, but many cats are traumatized by being made to wear them. You can test out whether your cat is upset by a costume by putting a small kids' T-shirt on her. If she freezes, crouches, gets wide eyes, or tries to use her paws to get the shirt off, you should avoid putting a costume on her.

If your cat does accept a costume and you want to put one on her, you must be sure it doesn't have any strings, ribbons, or small loose objects such as buttons on it. All of those things are hazardous if ingested by a kitty.

Lucy should agree, she will take the PurrfectPost sisal fabric post over any other surface in her house.

Costumes should only be put on cats under supervision. They could get a paw stuck or get the costume caught on an object, resulting in strangulation.

Halloween Noise Can Frighten Cats

Many cats fear humans wearing costumes and excessive noise. That means trick-or-treating and Halloween parties can be terrifying.

If your cat is one that doesn't like strangers or noise, set her up in a safe room before a party or trick-or-treating time. Outfit a small room with a litter box, cat bed, food, water, a scratching post to relieve stress, and toys. You can play some soothing music in the room to drown out scary noises.

Even if your cat doesn't mind noise or strangers, consider using the safe room because she may dart out a door that's opening and closing more often than usual.

Be sure your cat is wearing a breakaway collar with current identification, just in case she becomes spooked and manages to escape during the Halloween commotion.

Black Cats Need Special Consideration at Halloween

Some people still consider black cats to be bad luck, and around Halloween time, especially, misguided or troubled people sometimes hurt them. If you have a black cat, be extra sure to keep her safely confined inside during the weeks surrounding Halloween.

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