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Top 10 Reasons Cats Are Awesome


Cats have many great qualities.

At, we're obviously all cat people. Apparently, though, not everyone is. We don't understand that one bit.

After all, cats are awesome, and we're here to prove it with these reasons.

Number 10: Cats Are Funny

Cats are hilarious. Really. Just ask the internet. They do the cutest, sweetest things you can imagine, and they can really lower their humans' stress levels. Nothing beats coming home after a challenging day and watching your cat romp around after his toys, acting like a clown.

Train your kitty to scratch what you want them to when they are young. Cats playing with toys and scratching posts is great for their body and mind. There's room for two atop the Command Center bundle. Charlie's favorite furniture is MEANT to be scratched.

Number 9: Cats Are Independent

Most cats don't require extreme amounts of energy or time devoted to them each day. You will need to spend 20 minutes or so interactively playing with your kitty, and the litter box will need to be kept clean daily, of course. Still, most cats are quite happy to amuse themselves the rest of the time, acting as your steadfast companion while you get other things done.

Number 8: Cats Help Keep Your House Bug and Rodent Free

Cats are hunters, and they'll help keep the bugs and mice at bay in your home. For people who are squeamish about taking care of such invaders themselves, that can be a real boon.

Number 7: Cats Don't Roll in Yucky Stuff and Get Stinky

Cats like to stay clean, they bathe themselves often, and they don't have that habit that some other pets (who shall remain nameless) have of rolling in rotting stuff.

You can't deny it: a sweet smelling pet is a good thing.

Number 6: Cats Help You Have a Healthy Heart

It's been shown that people with cats are less likely to die of a heart attack (Adnan I Qureshi, 2009). Petting and interacting with a cat lowers people's blood pressure, too.

Number 5: Cats Are Quiet

While some might keep you up at night meowing if their food bowl is empty, cats are usually quite quiet. They're great for apartments and other situations where a noisier pet might cause a problem.

Number 4: Cats Are Easy to Care For

While some cats can be taught to walk on a leash and enjoy outdoor time with their human, they don't need to be taken out multiple times a day to eliminate. They can be exercised inside by playing with interactive toys, and a little brushing and routine claw clipping is all the grooming most of them require.

Number 3: You Don't Have to Take a Cat Outside to Potty in Bad Weather

Speaking of not having to take your cat outside to eliminate, we think that deserves another mention. It's really nice not to have to get bundled up to take your kitty outside several times a day when it's cold, rainy, or otherwise inclement weather.

Number 2: Cats Don't Jump on Your Friends When They Come Over

If a cat likes interacting with people, he might come around when you have company. There might be some leg-rubbing, or he may try to jump on your guest's lap. But cats are much less likely to jump on or beg from people, and most of them will actually wander off to be by themselves when strangers come to visit.

Number 1: Cats Purr

We think the most awesome thing about cats is their purr. It's such an endearing quality, and it can help people feel relaxed and peaceful, too. It might even help us heal when we're sick or injured.

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