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You Might Need a Cat if...

A funny list of ways to tell you need a cat.

Do you think that it might be time for a new cat? How can you tell? Well, the 12 things below should tip you off to at least consider it.

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  • Your lap is empty while you watch TV or read in the evening.
  • Your head gets cold at night because no one is sleeping on it.
  • There's no hair embedded on your couch, hiding in your food, or clinging to your toothbrush.
  • Watching cat videos on the internet is your favorite pastime.
  • You've daydreamed about what you'd name your new feline companion.
  • You always walk through the cat toy aisle at the store even though it's not near anything else you buy.
  • Birds hang out outside your window, but there's no one to harass them through the glass.
  • Your extra room looks strange because there's a perfect spot for a litter box, but it's just empty instead.
  • You've programmed the veterinarian's number into your phone, but you never get to call it.
  • You're afraid of spiders, and there's no one to chase them down for you.
  • You use the bathroom alone, without anyone staring at you.
  • You need an excuse to buy the gorgeous cat furniture you've been eying because it matches your décor perfectly.

There you have it, 12 clues that you might need a cat.

This list is for entertainment purposes only. None of these are actually good reasons to get a new cat. For a more serious list, check this out: "5 Signs You Are Ready for a New Cat."

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