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  • Lady Lady Lady
    My cat Lady received her PurrFect Post on 5.9, the day that she turned 12 weeks old. As you can see, she love her Post. Thank you for making such a good product. Your Customer for life, Lady. - Robert S.

  • Madeleine
    She's 9 weeks old ad learning to use the scratching post. Cary, NC

  • The 1st two pictures were taken within 10 minutes of putting the post together, the final one was 24hrs later and a second after I pressed the camera button she had all four legs on the post!

  • ida & jefferson ida & jefferson ida & jefferson
    We adopted our 2 kittens in July 07, Ida & Jefferson are brother & sister. I thought have 2 would be great company for each other & also keep them out of trouble. Well they are great company for each other,but there cats, so they do love to scratch. I purchased scratching posts at the chain stores,but they didn't seam to like them. Then I found The Purrfect Post, & boy did they LOVE it. Ida jumped on it the second I put it together. Jefferson was a little shy as a kitten & would follow his sister's lead, when he saw that she liked it, he jump right into it which her. It is by far the best post on the market. I highly recommend it.Thanks! New Haven, CT

  • Julius & Sappho Julius & Sappho Julius & Sappho
    I'm posting this testimonial because others' testimonials were so helpful to me in choosing this product. I bought the sisal scratching post along with the wooden angled corrugated cardboard scratcher for my little guys for Christmas. I was worried because Julius is about 22 lbs (a giant Maine Coon). The sisal scratching post is tall enough that both little Sappho and Big JJ can use it, and Sappho actually CLIMBS the thing as if it were a tree. She LOVES it. The angled scratcher isn't as wildly popular, but they use that as well. A warning! My kitties did NOT take to the scratcher right away. I rubbed it with cat nip, I put it in the middle of the room, I tried to play with them around it, putting toys on the base. NOTHIN'. I was really worried. It was a splurge for me and I wanted them to love it as much as I (as a person with a little taste - not too fond of the ugly carpeted scratchers from Petco) loved it. Well, the short story is that somehow they started to experiment with it and little by little it became their favorite thing. So, for any of you who have this situation, sit tight and relax, keep putting cat nip on it. Try putting their favorite little stuffed toys on the top of it -- especially with a little tail hanging over the side -- and soon you'll have very happy cat(s). Philadelphia, PA

  • Andy, Girl & Tim Andy, Girl & Tim Andy, Girl & Tim
    Our four cats love their purrfect posts! Thanks! - Sheila S

  • Mr. Hyde & DukeyDuke Mr. Hyde & DukeyDuke Mr. Hyde & DukeyDuke
    We are delighted to report that our two Devon Rexes (and their two tortoise shell "sisters") are enjoying their brand new Purrfect Post ... do include us in your testimonials site! Thanks again and keep up the good work! - Charles & Celine B.

  • Evan, Grace, & Callie Evan, Grace, & Callie Evan, Grace, & Callie
    LOVE the new post...the cats went to it RIGHT AWAY!! Here are pictures of Evan, Grace, and Callie. Thank you! - Susan W.

  • Buddie
    Our post just arrived and we tried it out. Here is a picture of Buddie, one of our baby Bengals taking it for a spin. I'm sure it will get a lot more use from both Buddie and his brother Oscar, but right now they think that you also have great boxes to play in! I'm sure they will try it out some more when the "cardboard box death match" wrestling match is over. Thanks. I'm sure my wife will like it too. The declawing issue has been a really controversial and emotional issue in our house. - Ed

  • KuJu Ku KuJu Ku
    I love my purrfect post ! Its Purrfectly Pawsome! Vernon, NJ

  • Angel Angel Angel
    Here are a few pictures of our little Angel. She LOVES her scratching post. She started using it as soon as it was out of the box and put together. - Tammy & Todd

  • Kyande Kisu Kyande Kisu Kyande Kisu
    Japanese Bobtails Rule on the purrfect post

  • Daxy
    My wife and I adopted a 6 year old cat (re)named Dax. Daxy is a sweet little guy but his previous person never trained him to scratch properly. From his first night in the house he wanted to scratch every piece of furniture in the living room and some of the rugs. We tried 2 other scratching posts (both "premium") and he didn't like either of them. But, he took to the purrfect post right away. For the first couple of days we had to prompt him to use it. We made a routine of it. Every time he came in the house we would stand behind the post (which we put near the door he uses) and would bend over and scratch the post ourselves. He quickly got the idea and joined in the family scratch. After a couple of days he started using it without coaxing. It's been almost three weeks now since we got the post and in that time there has been only one attempt on the furniture. We're optimistic that with a bit more time he'll be the "purrfect" pet. Attached is a picture of Daxy working on the post. Thank you for a wonderful product! Ashland, MA

  • Heidi & Fiona Heidi & Fiona Heidi & Fiona
    Our cats are Heidi and Fiona both female from the same litter.. Heidi is black with white paws and Fiona is more evenly black and white with white legs and a white collar . Heidi likes to sit on top of the post while Fiona uses it only to scratch and fetch the mouse when we put it on top. They have very different personalities. - George G.

  • It has been awhile since we received our purrfect posts both the one shown in the photos and the angle (Dec. 05). Duncan loves his new scratching posts and we intend to get more for our new home come this fall. These photos were taken immediately after we had assembled the post (Duncan is the Tabby and Fergus is the black and white kitty). Fergus doesn't get to play all that often with Duncan around as he's a little possessive and won't let Ferg scratch for too long! Calgary, AB, Canada

  • Bettie
    Bettie likes to knock down toys from the top of the post! Monterey, CA

  • My two kids love their new scratching post. - Laurie W

  • Junior Junior
    Attached is two photos of our cat, Junior, enjoying his new scratching post. Quinton, AL

  • Polly
    It was amazing! Not three minutes after assembling the PurrfectPost, Polly (my new polydactyl kitten of 10 weeks) was not scratching as much as climbing it ! She loves it! Now, if I can just teach her the difference between the post and my sisal carpet in the bedroom. HA. - Suzy

  • I adopted two young cats from a rescue league and I thought I would have problems with them scratching furniture in my apartment so I ordered The PurrFect Post. Those two little girls took to it right away and are so happy. Not only do they have fun with it but it is so well made that it actually blends in like a piece of furniture. Thanks. Washington, DC

  • Apple
    This is Apple... a very adventurous kitten who just loves climbing on the post and sitting on the top. My leather couches have been saved. Thanks Purrfect Post! - Laura S.

  • Daisy, Midnight and Spencer Daisy, Midnight and Spencer
    Our cats Daisy, Midnight and Spencer wanted to show how much they enjoy the new Purrfect scratching post I purchased from you! (They also enjoyed playing in the box it was delivered in.) I saw one of the Purrfect posts at my sister-in-law's, and decided it was worth the price. Although our cats are strictly indoor cats now, they were rescued when several months old, living underneath a neighbor's shed. I won't have them declawed, since I live in a rural area and it's possible that, if any one of them were to get outside, they'd have to defend against skunks, possums, or coyotes. The Purrfect post has saved the furniture from being targeted by these clever kitties! We've yet to photograph the other two cats using it, but when we do, we'll send any good ones to you for use on the Purrfect Post Web site. Thanks for a fine product! Sincerely, - Ruth H

  • Paz
    This is Paz. We call this the "Pole Cat" picture. She really does love scratching her new post! Sacramento, CA

  • Jasper, Dewy and Zoe (aka Cupcake) Jasper, Dewy and Zoe (aka Cupcake) Jasper, Dewy and Zoe (aka Cupcake)
    Hi! Our cats love their new post!! Thought I'd send you these pix -- their kinda cute!! They moved so fast in some of the pix -- don't want to stop and pose. Too busy! As you can see they had to help set it up. Jasper, our 18 yr old, liked the paper a lot (he also scratches -(no nails)- on the bottom part of the post). Thanks for a great product!

  • Andre and N'bikay
    Hello Purrfect Post People, I am writing a note of thanks for your wonderful product. When our Purrfect post arrived we were very happy with the sturdy construction and aesthetically pleasing look of the post. As you can see Andre and N'bikay were/are also pleased with their new toy. Andre still wants to scratch the sofa sometimes but he is learning. Thank you again for such a superb product. - Jennifer L

  • Patches, Alvin Patches, Alvin
    Pic 1 is of Patches getting a nice, full scratch. Pic 2 is of Alvin "attacking" the post. He loves to climb it and sit on top too. - Deanna F

  • Tony and Alex Tony and Alex
    Here are some pictures of my kitties using the new scratching post. THEY LOVE IT, especially my 2 year old Tony. He's a Rag Doll, and a bundle of Joy. Alex, my Himalayan, is 16 this year, so he's not quite as perky. - Deanna

  • I just wanted to let you know that I just purchased the Mondo post. I'm really looking forward to getting this as I have been very pleased with the Purrfect Post. Thank you so much for offering these wonderful products for the kitties; nothing makes me happier than seeing them happy. Here's a picture of some of my kitties and my fosters enjoying the purrfect post. Trixie was one of my fosters last year. The other picture has 4 of my 5 cats around the post. :) The cats are always on the post! Our rescue group is HART, and the website is - Afshan

  • Hazel & Stella
    Both of my sily girls love their scratchy post. Here's Hazel when she was just a baby. - maura

  • I ordered and received the Mondo around 5 months ago for my kitten, Miso, and I am delighted to report that it is the best thing I ever did for her, and now for her new companion, little Sumi, who immediately ousted Miso from her pedestal. It is the perfect height for petting, hugging, chatting, playing, grooming, and even feeding treats to. The girls just love it, and spend all their time playing, climbing, sitting and even sleeping on top. Sumi circles the post like a tiny squirrel, or a golden tamarind marmaset! It is a spectacular design and the craftmanship is also impressive. It also looks great in our hanging out room. - Helen

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