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  • Received the Post yesterday and just wanted to let you know, how very happy I am with it. I have been searching both the pet specialty stores and online for a quality climber/post that I felt confident giving to my cats, and the Purrfect View has lived up to my expectations. I had ordered the Mondo a few months back and have been exceptionally pleased with that as well. So much of the cat furniture today is of such poor quality, raggedy carpet that falls apart and won't stand too much scratching, and flimsy staples that can easily be pulled out by my very active cats. Until I found you online, I was at a loss as to what I could purchase that I felt would be safe for my guys to be around. Thank you so much for the thought, care and quality you put into your pieces, and for the excellent customer service. It's really reassuring knowing there is a company out there that seems to not only have quality products, but has been more then helpful and considerate in terms of customer service. I had been contacted last week by a CSR rep, who stated that instead of sending out a slightly damaged piece, the order may be a few days behind schedule to ensure a quality piece. Thank you so much for having the integrity to only ship items, you yourself would want for your cat. Prior to finding you online, I had ordered a cat condo from another online cat furniture store, and can't tell you how horrifying that experience was: the box was damaged on delivery, none of the pieces were wrapped in paper as you do, and after two hours of figuring out the directions, once assembled the item was dangerously crooked, the carpet was of poor quality, and the carpet at the top of the nest, was attached with standard staples. That was shipped back asap, after a week of frustrating calls to their CSR dept. So thank you, to all of you at PurrfectPost, my two cats are happy, I am happy, and my husband is very happy, as I no longer drag him along to shop for the perfect post, as I have discovered your company!! :) - Deborah

  • Gilly Gilly Gilly
    Dr. Schelling, I am attaching three pictures of my cat using his Purrfect Post!! We have had two posts since he was 8 weeks old and he just loves them. He starts off each day giving it a good clawing. We have no problems with his destroying anything because of these posts. My husband was a big skeptic at first since his first cat from many years ago was declawed. He was very doubtful that Gilly would really use the posts and not need to be declawed. Two years later, he is very impressed and surprised with the outcome. Thanks so much for your wonderful product.

  • I was very skeptical about paying that much for the post. I debated it for weeks and I could not bear the thought of my couch me in shreds anymore! So I ordered the purrfect post and the angle one. Received it and my cat went to the post after the cat nip was on it. And thats it! Gave it a few weeks and bam he uses the tall post and then I put the angle in my bedroom, because he was digging at my carpet. Did not use that one. Then about 2 months later bam! He started using it. And now he does not scratch anything other than those post. What a miracle saver. I could not even consider declawing. Thanks Purrfect Post.. Fairmont WV

  • Charger, Porscha, & Coontache Charger, Porscha, & Coontache Charger, Porscha, & Coontache
    As promised I have attached a couple of pics of our Maine Coons (Charger and Porscha). They really have a great time with the posts and my older cat (Coontache) loves them too. It’s too much fun watching them run up the ramp and launching themselves onto the post, they stick to it like Velcro - Dan

  • Jerry, Fluffy, Cuddles, Pinky, & Tommy Jerry, Fluffy, Cuddles, Pinky, & Tommy Jerry, Fluffy, Cuddles, Pinky, & Tommy
    We have been a customer of your for quite some time and had bought your kitty post a year or so ago, we had two kitties but that turned into five kitty which out grew there post and out wore it also (to pieces). They are cats now and need something BIGGER so for Christmas they got the MONODO and it is perfect the LOVE it and stay away from the furniture complete really folks they don't touch the furniture at all( except to sleep on now and then, I would tell anyone who has cat's this is the way to go and WELL WORTH THE MONEY! and it goes with my oak wood furniture well. I tell everyone I know about your site if they own cat's and there is NO need to DECLAW your cat if it's keep indoors. A very satisfied customer! Pioneertown, Ca.

  • Samantha Samantha Samantha
    Needless to say she loves it! - Bob and Chris

  • Gracie
    Hi, I'm Monica . We just got our PurrFect Post on Friday 12/17. Wanted to let you know our cats like it already. Before I could even unpack all of it from the box it arrived in they were scratching on the base. My Husband put it together the next morning, and whenever our cats thought we were not watching they would test it out a little. Today Sunday they are using it right in front of us. I was able to quickly snap a picture of one of our cats in scratch mode! Will try and capture the moment with our other cat soon. Thank you for your wonderful product, and an awesome Christmas gift for our furry children. Thanks again, - Monica B

  • Stoni Stoni
    Dr. Schelling, I was finally able to take a photo of our Stoni using your scratching post that we purchased last year. It is so nice and little grandson which just turned age one likes it too. We are still enjoying Stoni, and she is really a very good and smart cat! Sincerely, - Sue H

  • Tonga
    Hello, My baby Bengal, Tonga, loves his scratching post! When first introduced to it he immediately climbed to the very top in perfect Bengal style! I've attached a photo of the event. Will you folks ever build cat trees? I love your product because of it's aesthetics plus my kitten has such a natural affinity for it. I plan to buy another post but would love a cat tree. Thanks! - Francine

  • Natasha Natasha Natasha
    I just received my Purrfect Post March 31. It is everything that Dr. Schelling said it would be. I would recommend Purrfect Post to any one looking for a sisal post for their cat. Purrfect Post is the post to have. Thank You Dr. Schelling and Purrfect Post FAIRLESS HILLS PA

  • I was at wits end because dearly loved 5 year old Murphy was clawing at my two high back England chairs...He had 3 scratching posts but they were the short, light weight variety that were used "ONLY" if I would "CATCH" him attacking the chairs...I was opening the "MONDO" shipping box when Murphy jumped in and immediatly began scratching at the post!!! Thanks to the "MONDO" and without any incouragement or training needed the chair scratching days came to an end. Indiana, PA

  • This is the most Perfect purchase I've ever made. Seriously. There was virtually NO wait time, I received the post so quickly I hardly had time to get excited. It was packed extremely well, I felt like I was opening a museum piece. And I could hardly get it put together before all four of my cats were all over it! And is was so SIMPLE to put together!! I'm SOOOO impressed with you guys. Everything about this purchase was a pleasant surprise. Especially for my cats. This post is of the HIGHEST quality I've ever seen in cat furniture of any type. It's made in the USA. YEAH!!! AND, you educate people about the horrors of declawing. You're the BEST! I plan to send every person I know who has cats to you. Especially the folks we talk to at the adopt-a-pets who think they want to declaw. I'd like to tell them that if they purchase your post and their cat doesn't like it, we'll buy it back from them. I'm that impressed. Bless you! Keep up the grrrreat work. Kat - a.k.a. The Neuteress of the Night ;) - Kathleen C.

  • Chance
    This post is sooooooo wonderful. I rescued a kitten a year ago and while he has such a sweet disposition he scratched my sofa, chairs, beds, carpet, etc. I bought 6 scratching devices and a post. All cheap. He could have cared less. Your post arrived and as soon as I got it out of the box he was all over it. I've only had it two full days and that is the only thing he goes to. I was contemplating declawing until I read what is done and I knew I couldn't do that so thank God I found you. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart. - Marlene S.

  • Toby
    Hello there. I just wanted to let you know that since receiving my scratching post, Toby (our kitten) loves it!! He is always jumping on it and climbing it and really is the "king" of his domain. It was one of the best investments I ever made. Thank you for developing this and making them so sturdy and made well. I'm attaching a picture of Toby so you can see how cute (and mischievous) he is. I would have sent you pictures of him on it, but every time he's on the top and sitting there and I go and get the camera, he gets down. He loves his post. When he's in his running through the house mood, he runs and holds on with all 4 paws and jumps around it. It's so cute. He is 6 months old and will have years enjoying it. A Very Happy Customer, - Debrah G

  • When I ordered this product, my wife thought I was mad for paying what I did for a scratching post. When it arrived I thought I would be in trouble! However, we were very impressed by its appearance, as it matched all out wood in the room. In fact it is so attractive that it almost stands on display. The cats love it, and we have since bought a new suite of furniture and the cats have not bothered with the new items...they just stick with the scratching post. Thanks for the product as it has proved its worth and every cent we paid. My wife is extremely happy too ! florida

  • My cat Benga, a Bengal, absolutely loves his PurrFect Post! He climbs up and sits on the top. Or stretch out while scratching. - Elaine T.

  • I received the post a few days ago and my cats instantly gravitated torwards the post as I was putting it together. Once applying the catnip to the post they immediateley started scratching at the post and playing tag around it. Thank you for such a great product!! California

  • My cat Chester scratched up my couch so badly I didn't know what I was going to do when I had planned on moving and getting new furniture. I searched for advice on the internet and with some easy techniques on training and older cat and this great scratching post, my new couches are scratch free! I now have two posts that both of my cats love. Would highly recommend this product to any cat lover! Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  • Abby, Triton, Chloe Abby, Triton, Chloe Abby, Triton, Chloe
    Love your product! Denver, CO

  • I bought two Mondo posts for myself and my daughter...........The cats couldn't believe the size of their scratching posts.......My cats, two large tigers.... Labatts and Tiger went crazy over them.. My daughters' cats, Egyptian & Woody, are on them all day playing tag.....They are great for exercise and keeping them content....and the big bonus..... more scratching the furniture. A great product....telling my friends about it............... The Best Vic B. Amherst N.Y.

  • I had tried everything to stop my cats from scratching; with scratching posts, tape and soft claws. The purrfect post is a bit of an investment, but so worth the money. I've had it for a few weeks, but since the day I got it, my cats love it. They didn't touch the couch for 2 weeks. Now, one of them has been rebellious and will go to scratch the couch, notice what she's doing wrong and quickly go to her new post. INSTANT TRAINING! I will definitely buy another one soon. Stop looking and buy this! Long Island, NY

  • I had my doubts because I had had such difficulty in getting my cat Tutie to scratch anything but my sofa before I got the Purrfect Post. I started research on scratching because I moved into a new home an am going to be buying all new furniture shortly. Tutie started scratching the Purrfect Post exclusively the moment I set it into the middle of the living room in front of her favorite scratching spot on the sofa. She seems to love it and also uses it as a toy for climbing and wrestling. I now have absolutely no doubt that my future new furniture will stay safe from her claws and that I won't have to deal with the headache of clipping nails ever again! Thanks for the great product! Louisiana

  • I have this rough wallpaper in my house that my cat is just ripping to shreds. I put the scratching post in front of his favorite scratching area and he actually used it. But then he used the wallpaper again. He liked having both surfaces to scratch. As you suggested, I put an upside down vinyl runner in front of the area since cats don't like stepping on the prickly points. It's true, he hates it. So now he is just using the post. I am hoping to train him exclusively to the post. Obviously I don't want to keep that vinyl in front of my walls. I will keep you posted. - M. Ellman

  • I highly recommend the Purrfect Post Deluxe and the Angle as they are made with quality materials, they're very sturdy and my cat took to them almost immediately. His claws, back and shoulders got a passionate workout that was quite fun to watch! Now, maybe, he'll leave my upholstered recliner alone?! Also recommended are two toys that my cat goes absolutely wild over: the Cat Catcher Wand Toy (which he chases with everything he's got) and Da Bee (which he likes to swat at when recovering from the chase). Who knew this old boy could run and jump like a kitten again? Last, but truly not least, the customer service is top notch. Seriously, I cannot recall the last time a company far exceeded my expectations. THIS is the way a company should run -- quality products and friendly, helpful and competent customer service representatives. Do your cat(s) and yourself a great big favor: get the Purrfect Post or the Angle (or both) plus the Cat Catcher Wand Toy and watch the fun begin!!! New York City

  • Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Superior quality and our cats are using it instead of the floor carpet. I was amazed that I recieved my order so very quick! I ordered the post 12/23/08 and it arrived the next day UPS. Our cats had a PURRfect Christmas. Monika - Monika

  • The sofas have been saved! Jack and Minnie only want to scratch their great new scratching post. Thanks so much! Valparaiso, Indiana

  • WE love our new Purrfect post. Its so Pawsome that we just cant wait to get on it fur our morning stretch evfurryday. Many thanks to our wonderful Meowmy fur buying us this great big post! Purrs and headbonks KuJ, and Kisu Purrnon, NJ

  • I just rescued my 4th cat and knew I wanted another scratching post.3 years ago, I bought the purrfect post and my cats love it, it's still in wonderful condition. This time I got the Mondo and the purrfect angle. These items arrived in excellent condition-it took me all of 5 minutes to put them together. I'm so pleased with the quality and their also beautiful! Best of all my cats LOVE-LOVE-LOVE the scratching surfaces! The Mondo is big enough for my 15 lb. male to stretch his full length and get in some good scratching action and he has plenty of room to get comfy on top. The purrfect angle is just right-I sprinkled on some catnip and my kitty's went nuts!I'll be ordering 2 more of these.I am very impressed with the supurb quility of this company's products! You pay a little more, but the posts are so well made, you can bet your purchase is going to last for years to come!Signed,Very Pleased In Virginia Virginia

  • I bought the Perfect Post 3 yrs ago.It was simple to put together and my cats use it everyday - yet it still looks great!The post is so well made that even 15lb. Dude can claw and scratch and climb up and down,yet it doesn't budge!I'm so pleased with the excellent construction and how pretty this post is,I ordered the Mondo and the perfect angle.I have confidence these products will be as fantastic as the first post I bought--trust me--they will get a workout!Thanks so much for a wonderful product! Virginia

  • PurrFect Post saved my furniture AND my marriage. My husband would always complain when our cat clawed, woodwork, newspaper. Normal cat scratching posts would go unused, while our furniture would be ripped. Delight loves PurrFect post and has been using it for over 3 years! It is still in good shape and my husband and I are still happily married! Ravenna, Ohio

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