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  • 8-Ball
    The Purrfect Post arrived today and immediately after I put it together, our cat (8-ball) started to play with it. She absolutely LOVES the sisal and has rubbed or scratched the post several times already (and it's only been here for 2 hours)! - Kristen

  • Sylvester Sylvester Sylvester
    Sylvester just got his 2nd scratch post, a Mondo, and he loves it! Took to the bed right away. Very well built, sturdy post. Thanks!!!! Sherwood Park, AB, Canada

  • I had to find a way to stop my cat from scratching our furniture! We have a beautiful new house, and I wanted to have a nice-looking scratching post. My cat jumped on this scratching post before I even had it completely out of the box! We have had it for several months now, and it still looks like new. My cat loves it and uses it several times every day! Port Orchard, WA

  • Zack & Zoey Zack & Zoey Zack & Zoey
    Zack & Zoey love The Mondo and The View! We have them all over the house. Purrfect for bird and people watching. Helps them get to higher places. Great for scratching and comfy for napping. I always appreciate your great customer service. Irvine, CA

  • I have just placed an order for a replacement Purrfect Post after having one for three years...I have three cats and after all this time, the post has just reached the shredded stage and needs to be replaced. The cats use this post several times a day and LOVE IT! It is so much more sturdily made than anything found in a local pet store...cats are happy; I am happy!! Michigan

  • Stolichyna Crazypant's
    We received the Perfect Post yesterday. Stoli was in the box investigating and using the post before I had even finished assembling it. He absolutely loves his new scratching post. Chicago, IL

  • This is by far the best cat scratching-post product hands down!! The cost might seem a little high to most people in the market for a scratch post. Because of years with health problems and medical needs that took every spare cent, my husband and I are confined to a pretty tight budget. Nevertheless, Dash, the shelter kitty we adopted 3-years ago was so lonely that we recently acquired a new (2nd) rescued kitty; Dixie. And since Dash's old post was small and well-worn, I began searching for a new, larger model. Since funds are tight, I wanted to be sure the scratching unit we selected was quality, and would prove a good investment. I "stumbled" on this web site, looked over the products, viewed the video demonstrations, and read through the testimonials. Even then, I had to think long and hard before making the purchase. I selected the PurrFectView scratching post, so that the needs of both kitties would be met longterm. My husband remained sceptical; but he loves me, so let me make the decision. :) After ordering, I waited excitedly for the post to arrive, and had high hopes for it. When it arrived 5-days later, neither my husband nor I were disappointed. Nor were our kitties! DO NOT hesitate to buy this terrific product! Don't waste your hard-earned money on more elaborate looking multi-feature cat scratching towers and trees that sell for $200-$300-PLUS. They do not last, use cheap materials, and construction will not endure high use. Those products without fail begin to show wear within days. The PurrFectView scratch post, on the other hand, is awesome! It has a nice-sized bed at the top of the thicker, taller post that even our 13lb. mucho-male Dash finds comfortable. And there is a comfty perch atop the smaller post, for modest-sized Dixie. (NOTE: my only disappointment with the unit was that the perch was not curved. It is flat in the picture where I placed the order, but the unit in the PurrFectView video had a curlved perch, so I was hoping ours would, as well. The manual with our unit has a picture of the unit with a flat perch, whereas the directions describe it as curved. Obviously, this is due to a change in design. I do think the curved perch would be better. First, the curved underside would be carpeted, whereas the flat perch is not. I think this would provide a more comfty 2nd place for a kitty to stretch out and relax,that it would delight and excite the kitties more while at play, and the unit would be even more aesthetically appealing. Anyway...) The posts are heavy, well constructed, and so appealing to the kitties. The base surface offers even more scratching area, and adds great stability to the unit. I live on the 3rd floor; the old scratching post would knock over with a "THUD" multiple times throughout the day and night whenever Dash and Dixie became rumbunctious. It was annoying, and I suspect the persons living below found it annoying, as well. The PurrFect View scratch post is solid. Both cats can tackle it at the same time, and it doesn't so much as budge. Another delight is that it is attractive; it actually compliments our decor. And packing? The post arrived well packed, wrapped with care. Every aspect of the product speaks quality and pride in workmanship - right down to the logo "branded" at the bottom of the base, and the neat folds in the wrapping paper used for protection. Our hats go off to the Purrfect Post people! Many thanks! Washington state

  • Hobbs and Karma Hobbs and Karma Hobbs and Karma
    My kitties turned 6 on May 1st, 2001, and I didn't really think they'd use the Mondo since the original perfect post I got them, they would only use when it was on its side, anyway, they really love the Mondo. They climb up it, they perch on it, they've even tried climbing DOWN it! LOL. From the picture, I thought my kitties wouldn't have fun climbing up, they're pretty big cats but it's so big they have lots of fun on it. And strangely, they've started using the other one more since its been moved to a different location. This pictures shows Hobbs on the Mondo post and their first post, and then Karma on the angled scratcher. Vancouver, WA

  • I had originally ordered the Mondo post. I received it very quickly and it was very well packaged. Unfortunately, they accidentally sent me the wrong piece for the top. I called to correct it, and the lady I spoke with was very pleasant. She sent me the piece I had ordered, along with an extra post for my troubles of having to wait for no charge. I have never dealt with such great customer service! Also, my kitty Dexter loves his new posts. We keep one in the bedroom and one in the livingroom. They are super sturdy, durable, and very well made. Worth every penny paid. I am raving to all my kitty loving friends about it and even making my cat hater friends listen about how awesome this company and their products are. San Jose, CA

  • Fiona and Penny Fiona and Penny Fiona and Penny
    I can't tell you how happy we are with your products. We recently adopted two kittens named Fiona and Penny. In the past, we've always adopted declawed cats, so I was a little nervous about 2 "street" kittens with claws. After the kitties arrived, we bought several corregated cardboard scratching boxes. The cats looked at them, then went straight to the couch! I found your site and ordered the Mondo, 2 Angles, and one PurrFect Post. I couldn't even get them out of the box - they were already scratching at them. Great customer service too by the way. When one of the Angles didn't arrive, I called and you quickly got one out to me. My furniture says thank you! I have recommended you to all of my cat owning friends. Atkinson, NH

  • I was stressing out because I had just bought new leather furniture and my cats had already scratched and poked holes into 2 of the pieces. I found myself constantly chasing and yelling at them to stay off the furniture, I just wanted to cry. I was considering the unthinkable and went online to research declawing all 3 of them when I found this website and read what was involved in this process. There was no way I could do that to any animal, especially my babies. So I watched the video's and decided I had nothing to lose and ordered the Mondo. It was here in a week and before I could even get it together my 3 were all over it. I can honestly say that this is the best money I have EVER spent on my cats. And they have not scratched my furniture even once since it arrived! Thank you so much for giving me back my piece of mind. We are all happy now! I have recommended this to all my cat owner friends and I plan to buy another one as well!!!! Oviedo, FL

  • Your posts are the best I've ever purchased! No other scratching post on the market compares with their quality, sturdiness, and toughness. I have 2 that are @ 6yrs old & have just now worn out. And that's with a LOT of use each day. I love the fact that you sell replacements parts (separate posts & bases) for your products. Since my bases are fine, I'll save money & just buy new posts. I also just received the "Mondo". WOW!! My cats love it - they're hanging off of it like ornaments off a Christmas tree! Thanks for a great product. Hammonton, NJ

  • Molly Molly Molly
    The people who I spoke with when ordering the PurrFect View were so very helpful in answering questions I had and when my order was being shipped and also when I had a question on the delivery schedule they went out of their way to help. When I received the PurrFect View I was extremely impressed with the quality and workmanship and as you can see from the pictures I’ve sent, Molly didn’t even wait until I finished assembling it to begin scratching! Does she love it, well look at the pictures! She loves to sleep in the PurrFect bed and look out onto the backyard. In fact she loved it so much that she didn’t even come to sleep on the bed last night, she curled up and went to sleep in her new bed. Molly also loved some of her new toys that I also ordered, the catnip rocket blaster, mouse, and Da-bird Again many thanks for a fine quality product that will bring much happiness to our little Molly! - Bernie R.

  • I read reviews for the purrfect post and that is why I thought I would try. Despite her heavy use of the scratch box, Pebbles still loved to claw our brand new sofa and we tried the sticky tape, spray bottle of water and it only reduced some of it. I was expecting the post to be sent back as I didn't believe it could be THAT good as everyone said. (money back guarantee). She did not use it much the first week and out of the box like most, but amazingly Pebbles loves the post more than the sofa! Very happy we gave the purrfect post a chance! And clawless Pooba also loves it for his paws! East Haven, CT

    I bought the Mondo for my cat because she is so long; 36" when she stretches out. I had one of the smaller ones for two years until it ratted out and then I went bigger. She loves it. She is an inside cat so she gets great exercise on the Mondo when she scratches, it is just perfect for her long body. I got the one with the bed at the top, she loves it so do I. When your cat is happy, so are you! Thanks so much for a great post. ESCONDIDO, CA

  • We have 13 cats, all indoors and scratching posts are a true necessity. I have been using those pet store rope type posts. They are fine, but don't last long and I am always concerned that the materials used might harm the cats once the post is being destroyed from use. I searched on the computer and found "Perrfect Post". I read the product description and thought I'd give them a try. First, when the posts arrived, they were packaged like fine furniture and I was pleasantly impressed with the appearance and quality. The posts are beautifully made, heavy and before I could get them assembled, our cats were on them. I am so impressed with your product, I will be a returning buyer. Finally, a really nice scratching post. Michigan

  • Hawk & Spenser
    I bought this post to put in the living room before we received our love seat which we had re-upholstered (per your recommendation). Our cats love it, they use it a lot without any apparent wear. Hawk, our adventurous one, loves to jump on the top. Spenser, our cautious one, is caught in this picture exploring the base. San Rafael, CA

  • Alice Alice
    I have to admit, I was nervous buying this online. Even with the video evidence and pictures. I was tired of the same old disappointing post after post. When it’s all said and done, this product is exactly what it says it is. Alice took to it right away, and has been in love with it ever since. I would and will buy another one. iowa city, ia

  • Marcus and Penelope Marcus and Penelope
    We bought this for Marcus, who recently lost his adoptive brother. He took to it immediately! When baby Penny came into the family she liked it right away too and now she has found a new perch! Tarrytown, NY

  • Kitty just received the Purrfect Post and she's already tearing it up. Love the catnip also...LOL. Since there was a delay in shipment they included Soft Paws and a toy which she loves, recommend this post to everyone to buy. Kitty loves it! wyoming

  • I bought both the post and ramp scratchers and we all love them! They look like fine furniture and blend so nice in my house. My cats adore them. The ramp is so much more stable than the cardboard ramp cat scratchers. My cat Zeke is kind of, well, lovable but not too bright, and he was scared of the cardboard ones we had so scratched the carpet. The new wooden ramp doesn't scare him and he uses it several times a day. We can't tell you what a relief it is as we have no more carpet damage! Alvin loves the tall post I never realized how much cats like to stretch until I got this post. He loves it. Thank you so much! orlando,FL

  • Tasha & TT Tasha & TT Tasha & TT
    Tasha & TT just love their new Mondo! Tasha is on the top in these pics and TT is on the bottom~ thank you for such a wonderful product! East Providence, RI

  • ET & Cereal ET & Cereal ET & Cereal
    We received the Purrfect Post Deluxe yesterday. We found that it was very well-made, solid and sturdy. Upon presenting the assembled product to our 5-week old kittens, they immediately started playing, scratching, and climbing on it. Cereal (larger, female, gray tabby) likes to leap onto it and climb to the top. ET (smaller, male, yellow) is not as athletic yet, but will work his way up to the top soon enough. Thank you for supplying such an awesome product! Rowland Heights, CA

  • Gracie & Emma Gracie & Emma
    I have to say when I got the Purrfect Post the first day I was a little concerned. Gracie & Emma both would scratch at the post but they seemed to be a little afraid of the height. They both definitely liked to scratch on it but I had not seen them really want to go up the post until today. Emma climbed all the way to the top and perched there! We were so surprised we couldn't even get to the camera fast enough. So happy :) Great product, my baby girls love it! Atlanta, GA

  • Sampson
    I just recently ordered a second post for Sampson. He has completely shredded his first one. Palm Coast. Fl

  • Arlie
    She loves it. Just put it together and put the cat nip on it and voila! - Carolyn

  • Faye, Julie, Evey
    When I adopted my first two cats about a year and a half ago, I knew I didn't want to have them declawed. I have experience working in a vet clinic and I've seen how traumatizing declawing can be for cats (not to mention painful and bloody). But I saw that my new kitties were beginning to scratch on my dumpy college apartment couch only about a week after adopting them. (Hey, even college couches are worth trying to save, right?) I started looking around online and found this wonderful website. From day one, they totally lost interest in my couch and started tearing the scratching post to shreds. I didn't have to coax them into using it or use the complimentary catnip or anything! I was a little put off by the price at first, but after seeing how incredibly well it works I recommend it to all of my cat owning friends and family now. We adopted a new kitten last fall and never had a problem with her even attempting to scratch the furniture! My cats also love playing on top of it so much that we're thinking about getting a mondo now. These posts are essential for any feline parent!! I don't know where I'd be without your amazing product!!! Morgantown, WV

  • Ms Kitty
    This is Ms Kitty who finally was able to be brought in from the ice and snow on Christmas day. She had had kittens in our back yards in May, and despite feeding her since then, she would not allow us to bring her indoors. She was introduced to your sisal scratching post mid January and uses it regularly, sometimes stretching full length to the top. We believe she was feral most of her life and seems to have to learn to play with toys, not at all like the chipmunks and mice she had been so adept at dealing with outside! It has helped to play with her around the post, probably her territory, and in introducing her to feline life in the warm, safe environment of indoors, even if it is still in our basement. You are probably aware of how difficult it is to photograph cats; this is the best we could do! - Kay S.

  • Blossom
    Thanks for mailing a deluxe PurrFect Post all the way to the Highlands of Scotland. My cat Blossom loves it and to encourage her to use it I put some treats at the top of the post and encouraged her to climb up to get them. That's a good incentive for a hungry cat. She now loves using her new post. I must admit I have never come across a scratching post as sturdy and tall as this one. Thanks very much for all your help. Scotland

  • I did a LOT of research before buying The Mondo for my 2 purebred, male Persian kittens. Since Persians are suppose to be the couch potatoes of the cat world, I was concerned that The Mondo would be a bit much. I am very pleased to report both kitties ABSOLUTELY LOVE the Mondo! One likes to be on the perch while the other prances/scratches around the bottom. Both kitties also like to lounge on the perch when they aren't playing with it. The Mondo goes quite nicely with my furniture (nice, high-quality wood furniture) and my kittens have NEVER scratched any of my furniture or any surface they should not. My boyfriend saw how much the kitties enjoyed the Mondo and bought one for his place! It is not small, but that is what seems to make it so fun for my kitties. I got the Mondo when the kitties were about 10 weeks old & now that they are 10 months old, they still LOVE IT! They run down the hallway and bounce off the side of the Mondo or they race each other to the top. THIS IS A FANTASTIC POST!! If my "couch potato" cats have such a good time (and get a lot of exercise), I can only imagine how much fun other types of cats would have! Southern California

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