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  • I recently adopted Ruby from a shelter, and right away she seemed to enjoy scratching the living room rug, and ignored the scratching pads that I had provided. The first day that the PurrFect Post arrived, she gave up the rug and now enjoys digging her claws into the post. Amazing. Beverly, MA

  • Just for your information, we have five kitties and they all love your scratching pad! With five indoor kitties (ages 2 years to 6 years), they have given our furniture a run for its money, but when we got your scratching pad that changed. Mind you, these are cats so the furniture still gets a work out from time to time, but most of the time they dane to use the scratching pad. Of course a little catnip sprinkled around helps, but they do love the pad. We have just ordered a couple of replacement cardboard fillers for the pad because they love it sooooooooo much that they have schreded it to little pieces. Please keep up the good work as our kitties (Enny, Mo, Nammy, Miss Kitty and Fang) are just waiting to get their claws on the new pads. Thanks again for your wonderful.. or should we say PURRRRRRFECT product. - Tom & Diane D.

  • We have had the "Mondo" now for four months and so far it has worked great. We adopted Cosmo when he was 9 months old and since he was an adult we would not even consider having him declawed. After he turned a fovorite chair of ours into shreads, we were not sure that this was such a good idea. While doing a search on the Web to learn why cats have this need to scratch, we came accross the Purrfect Post Web site and decided to purchase the Mondo because Cosmo is a strong cat and if we were going to make the investment, we wanted a heavy duty scratching post because from what we read, our cat would not use it if it was not stable. To make a long story short, Cosmo loves the Mondo and so do we. He has really taken to it and loves hanging off the side of the round post working his claws and muscles. We have a new chair now and so far the Mondo is the only thing that he wants to scratch on. We plan on purchasing another Mondo for another room in the near future. Cleveland Ohio

  • We adopted Trixie from the county animal shelter in Jan. '07. She tore up our couch and my husband threatened to have her declawed or return her to the pound. Trixie is a large calico, and the posts I saw in the stores were too short to allow her to stretch the way I knew she wanted to. In desperation, I searched the web for a solution and found this site. I ordered a PurrFect Post immediately, and it has solved ALL our problems! Trixie uses it constantly, and after several months of watching her, we were able to buy a nicer couch and a new leather chair with confidence that the cat would leave them alone! I recommend your PurrFect Post whenever I can. It is well worth the money. Central Point, OR

  • We were at our wits end with the cats, two Ragdolls, kept scratching the carpet so badly the tacks were showing through, and they kept ripping at all the couches. My husband said if I didn't do something about it they had to be declawed which I did NOT want to do. We purchased a Purrfect Post and they took to it immediately, leaving couches and carpet alone! I am so happy with it we will be getting 2 more for the basement and upstairs... Plainfield, IL

  • Cooper took right to the scratching post and knew just what to do. It is well built and looks more attractive than any other scratching post I have seen. Duxbury, MA

  • Layla absolutely loves her new purrfect post! Before it arrived, she used to tear up the leather furniture- No more. Thanks! Germantown, TN

  • Here's one showing a different way of using it. 18 year old Alexis, with arthritis from ACL surgery at 5 yrs old, who is a bit overweight (so that doesn't help her poor achy joints) doesn't do real well on her hind 2 legs. So this is how she uses her wonderful cat scratcher. Every night before going up to bed she just HAS to have a go at it! Thanks for the great quality, versatile cat scratcher. Boise, ID

  • I have had cats and sisal posts for 30 years.. and this is the best so far! I have 4 cats including one very large maine coon, and they love their new purrfect post. I am interested to see how long it holds up, but it looks like it will do much better than the sisal rope posts; which they destroy in less than 4 months. They went absolutely nuts over the catnip bag I got too - I will have to order more! Friendswood Texas

  • I am on my second PurrFect Post now and I would never use anything else again. The first one lasted so long I can't even remember when I bought it. I have 4 clawed cats who use only the scratching post and not the furniture and I know it's because of the material and the workmanship that keep the post holding together and in great shape. They all love to stretch and this post definitely gives them the opportunity to do so. By the time you figure out how many years it will last, you will be money ahead in your purchase of the PurrFect Post. Not only do I highly recommend this product, I strongly recommend you purchase it. Your cats will love you for it! Minot, ND

  • Hello from another satisfied customer. We received our new Perfect Post last Friday and our cat Jasmine was on it within 10 seconds of assembly. She just loves it and uses it throughout the day and evening. We did have two sisal rope scratching posts for many years. Off and on our cat (an exotic shorthair) gets a very swollen paw (right or left). We have come to believe that the rough coarse sisal rope is catching her nail and creating this problem. We first changed to a carpet over the rope, but she does not tend to scratch the carpet. So we did some research and came upon your website and thought we would give it a try. Hopefully the nice fabric sisal will prevent the paw injuries and the cortisone shots administered to help reduce the swelling. Have you thought about a tree type design with the sisal fabric to offer in addition to the post? We appreciate your rapid shipment of our order and will tell our other cat fanciers about your product. Oviedo, (Orlando) Florida

  • We love our PurrFect Post!! It fits in beautifully with our decor. Several of my cat loving friends have asked me about our post. My sister bought one after she saw mine. Jackson, MS

  • Boris & Newman
    I've attached a picture of Boris (Siberian) and Newman (Ragdoll). Newman is officially named Cool Hand Luke but we call him Newman as in Paul due to his beautiful blue eyes. I'll get a picture of them using the scratching post and send to you. You may use what I said on your website. The only comment I would add is that the price of this scratching post caused me to hesitate a little but it has proven to me that you get what you pay for. Over my lifetime, I have probably spent over $300 on various products that promised to help with the scratching with little or no success. Since your product had a money back guarentee, I decided to give it a whirl. Buying lesser quality items is penny wise and dollar foolish. I am placing the order for my second post as soon as I finish writing this email. Thanks! - Towana M.

  • We received the purrfect post today, and our 6 month-old kitten loves it! He started using it within a minute of putting it down and enjoys it very much. I am ordering a second one today for my mother's cats. Thanks for making such a great product! Muncie, IN

  • thanks. I have already reversed it and flipped it end to end... it's getting a lot of use. I wish I could get pics, but the kitties are camera shy. the kitten likes to hide under the slanted scratcher and leap out at the other cat, and the adult cat likes to sit on the post like a gargoyle and keep the kitten in line. - Cindy

  • My cat ABSOLUTELY LOVES her new scratching post! She is just attacking it--wild kitty from he**! I am so happy with my purchase! Thank you for a wonderful product! - Laura C.

  • I just wanted to say how much my cat loves her new scratching post. I didn't even need to put any cat nip on it. She started scratching the post while I was still trying to assemble it. Seattle, WA

  • I just recently purchased the Purrfect Post and the Purrfect Angle for my two cats. I was shocked by how much they immediately took to enjoying both items! I am trying to train my cats to scratch appropriately (I believe de-clawing is inhumane). I was skeptical at first because neither cat showed much interest in their first scratch post of carpet and sisal rope, but my furniture could not take any more abuse. Imagine my delight when both cats began scratching the Post and Angle before I even had them assembled! When I woke up the next morning, both cats were still scratching the Post and Angle with no incentive needed. As an added bonus, both items are aesthetically pleasing and I don't mind having them out in plain sight. Thank you so much for these products. This allows my cats to keep the claws and my furniture to keep their fabric :) - Lisa B.

  • I rescue/foster kitties and have several furniture scratchers in the crowd. I ordered one post a some months ago and another a week or so ago. Even my most devoted furniture scratcher uses the purrfect post. I've had no scratching on furniture since I set up the first post. I can tell easily because I have new furniture in the family room and the only concession made for the cats was to get micro fiber covered furniture which is similar to a velour/velvet fabric that they seem not to like for scratching. An example of this phenomena is two chairs in the living room, one textured and one velour, in fifteen years they never scratched the velour chair but destroyed the other textured chair. The family room sofa and loveseat were both textured. Getting the camera set to take pictures as they scratch probably won't happen but I wanted you to know my experience with the purrfect post. Best posts ever!!!! Thanks So Much. - Melissa B.

  • I just wanted to say how much my cat loves her new scratching post. I didn't even need to put any cat nip on it. She started scratching the post while I was still trying to assemble it. Seattle, WA

  • I just wanted to say how much my cat loves her new scratching post. I didn't even need to put any cat nip on it. She started scratching the post while I was still trying to assemble it. Seattle, WA

  • This post is the best! Our two adult cats are no longer scratching the sofa or my area rug, but instead go immediately to their new Purrfect Post. Also, I no longer have those AWFUL pcs. of carpet that were always coming off of their old "carpeted" post. The Purrfect Post is so good looking, that we leave it out in plain sight (we always tried to hide the old post). So far, after 3 mos. of use, it still looks brand new! Dinuba, CA

  • I brought in a stray cat from outside who was pregnant & very thin. She LOVED stretching out her body on trees outside & scratching the bark to bits. I could tell how much she enjoyed doing that, so I was worried when I took her in about giving her a new good place to scratch indoors that she would enjoy just as much. I bought one of your posts and the day it arrived, I ran a treat up alongside it while she followed it with her nose, then reaching for the treat, her claw dug into the post, and BAM! she was hooked! She forgot all about the treat and scratched and scratched at the post like there was no tomorrow. She has LOVED it ever since and one of her favorite places to sleep is on the base of it! I kept two of her babies, and they both love the post too! WELL worth the money! Columbus, Ohio


  • Bella couldn't wait until I put this together. It is a beautiful piece of furniture. She went to stay with my daughter for a week and when she came home she ran right to the pole. She also enjoys the angle too. I sent that with her to my Daughter's so she would have something with her. It is money well spent!! Extremely satisfied!! Providence,RI

  • When I adopted my 2 kittens (brother & sister) I was not going to declaw them, after reading a lot of information on the internet about it, I couldn't do it to them. I purchased a little scratching post at a discount store, they really didn't take to it. So I went on line and found the Purrfect Post. The minute I put it together, both of them jumped right on to it. In fact Ida climb all the way to the top. It had been the best thing I could have bought for them. They have never scratched anything in our house. I highly recommend it. It is well worth the price. The workmenship is excellence. Keep up the good work! Thanks!!! new haven,ct

  • You may think to yourself that this scratching post is expensive, but it is well worth the money! When I brought it home one of my kittens leaped on to it the minute I put it together. I placed it next to the only wall that they scratched and they never scratched another thing in our house, except for their new post! Ida loves to sit on top of it after she scratches on it. The quality is excellence. I highly recommend it. Iv'e been very happy with everything about it. New Haven, CT.

  • Thank you, thank you for this product! Miss Meeps was set on destroying furniture that I had inherited, and I was in a state of panic - so panicked, that her declaw procedure had been scheduled...I ordered the Purrfect Post after talking with one of your very empathetic phone operators - but truthfully, I didn't expect success. Within a week, the couches were being completely ignored. Not only does Miss Meeps love using the Purrfect Post, but my other cats do too. I never thought I'd say this - but I LOVE the sound of my cats scratching now! Cleveland, OH

  • After 6 other pet store posts, I finally found your website and ordered a deluxe post. My cat rubbed against it within 10 minutes and has used it exclusivly ever since. Thank you. Macon, GA

  • I ordered the vertical sisal post about 6 months ago, and am very pleased with this product. It comes exactly as described; easy to assemble and of course the cat loves it. I have observed a definite decrease in furniture scratching. I only wish I had ordered one sooner! San Francisco, CA

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