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Contemporary Gray Sisal

Black Purrfect Angle.
It's sleek, elegant, and beautiful and is a fantastic complement to the Contemporary Gray sisal colored posts.

The newest addition to Purrfect Post's line is the sleek and elegant Contemporary Gray, also known as Contem-purr-ary Gray

Riki and Lili enjoying the new color

This gorgeous post is perfect for more modern or contemporary home décors.

This sleek, stylish post combines black-stained wood trim highlights and rich, gray sisal fabric to create a stunning piece of cat furniture.

Designed to complement your décor.

Contemporary gray fits in well with multiple interior design schemes. From modern to voguish to country chic and sophisticated elegance, this post will be a welcome addition to a whole host of feline family households.

Here are some comments from people who have helped us test our new posts.

Wow! Now this is a GORGEOUS Post. Finally, someone has made a post that goes with my décor. Thank you!Andy L

My Ragdoll loves this color. OK, maybe she doesn't really know the difference, but she looks so beautiful in it that I am sure she knows the color suits her perfectly. Or should I say purrfectly.Chris S

I have a minimalist house with cool colors and also a cat that owns me. This is the first post that we can agree upon. It looks great in the house and my cat loves it.Kerry S

Nobody makes posts like Purrfect Post. The quality is unsurpassed. This new color is just an added bonus. You have saved my furniture.Tony K


All the kitties are enjoying the new color!

Order now to ensure you get yours as soon as possible.

Although we will continue to offer the Contemporary Gray, initial demand will be high. We have received many requests for this color.

But don't worry. Just place your order, and we'll get you in the queue for one of these beautiful posts. And, as always, keep in mind that each post is individually handmade by our skilled craftsmen, so you may have to wait a short period to get your new post. We promise it will be worth it.

To order:

  1. Just find the product you like:
  2. Then, select the Contemporary Gray sisal option, along with Black wood stain option (and Grey Bed, if applicable)
  3. Finally, add to your cart and check-out.

Little Orange Dude is getting his stretch on with the NEW Contermorary Gray Purrfect Post

Same Great Post—New Modern Color

When you buy a Purrfect Post, you do it because they're handmade by individual craftsmen from high-quality materials and they look great in your home. But you also trust that your cat will love the post and use it. And they do. Because each Purrfect Post product is strong, sturdy, and covered with sisal fabric, which is a material that cats absolutely go crazy over scratching.

The Contemporary Gray post is the same fabulous design and construction as the rest of our products. We create new color schemes so you'll be happy to put your Purrfect Post product front and center in your home—which is right where your cat wants to scratch and mark territory.

You and your cat will both be super proud of your Contemporary Gray Purrfect Post.

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