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Purrfect Post as seen on My Cat From Hell with Jackson Galaxy

Check out the Purrfect Post as seen on My Cat From Hell - Aired 9/22/18

Purrfect Posts helped cats and their families on My Cat From Hell! Two recent episode segments of the popular Animal Planet show featuring cat expert Jackson Galaxy included our products. Here's a synopsis of each of those segments:

Season 10, Episode 7:

In this segment of the episode, a gorgeous rescue cat named Bartholomew was creating havoc in his humans' marriage by scratching the furniture in their beautiful home. They misinterpreted his actions as anger or aggression directed at them to get back at them for something.

Jackson Galaxy visited the couple and determined that Bartholomew actually scratched the items because he wanted to show that he was part of their family. Scratching is normal cat behavior, and marking territory with the scent glands in their paws is one big reason they do it. It's healthy, normal feline behavior and an important part of a cat's life.

Jackson taught the couple to use the NO/YES technique to get Bartholomew to leave the furniture alone:

NO: Put double sided tape on the furniture.

YES: Steady, sturdy scratching posts that were acceptable to the couple, including a beautiful Mondo Standard and a Purrfect Angle, were placed right next to the furniture.

So when Bartholomew scratched the furniture, he got yucky, sticky paws. However, there was a wonderful scratching post right there for him to use instead.

It worked, and Bartholomew and his humans were both happy and content when Jackson did a follow-up visit. There is a great video of Bartholomew enjoying the Purrfect Angle.

Season 10, Episode 8

In this segment, Baby, a male kitty in a home that rescued and foster kitties come through, was bullying the adult female cats. They were hiding in a bathroom most of the time to stay away from him.

Jackson Galaxy first asked that Baby's testosterone levels be checked, and they came back normal for a neutered cat, so the issue was not that he had too much male hormone.

Next, Jackson visited with Baby and found him to be quite friendly and confident, so his actions weren't because he was feeling insecure.

Jackson recommended an increase in play therapy for both Baby and the female cats. The play would help tire Baby out and get rid of some of the pent-up energy that might contribute to him picking on the female cats, and it would help build confidence in the females, so they could deal with Baby easier.

Jackson also recommended the house be "catified." That meant creating multiple levels for the cats to be on, including the addition of Mondo posts. In areas where Baby would previously sit and not allow the female cats past, "roundabouts" were built so there would be other ways through to those areas.

You can watch these and other episodes of My Cat From Hell with Jackson Galaxy online by going to and logging in with your cable subscriber information. Purrfect Post highly recommends subscribing to Jackson's My Cat from Hell show because he provides insightful, educational information that can benefit all people who share their lives with cats.

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