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Make Your Small Space into a Feline Haven


Your small home can be great for your cat.

Cats are great pets for people who live in small homes and apartments. In fact, the percentage of people who own cats in cities and towns is growing.

But, though cats might fit into our small homes well, is it good for the kitty to live in a confined amount of space?

Cats do need certain things to remain happy and healthy, including interactive play, scratching spots, and cozy beds. These things, along with a litter box or two, a food dish, and a water source like a fountain or bowl in an area that's separated from the food, do require some space to achieve.

Luckily, we have some ideas for helping you to make the most cat-friendly abode you can with limited space.

Cats playing with toys and scratching posts is great for their body and mind.

Make the Most of the Window Space

Cats love to watch what's going on outside, so maximize any window space you have for your kitty's enjoyment. Here are some ways to do that:

  • Put a bird feeder outside if it's a first-floor window and you have outdoor space available to you. Be sure not to put it too close to the window, or the birds might be scared of the cat, but a bird feeder that is a bit away from the window can provide your cat with hours of entertainment, and the birds will be happy, too.
  • Put a tall cat tree next to the window. If you don't have a window seat, you can place a tall, sturdy cat tree like the Purrfect View next to the window. This will allow your cat to get up high enough to see what's going on outside, and there will be scratching space available if the excitement triggers a need to scratch. Try the Purrfect View: Everest Edition for higher windows.

There are more exciting things to scratch than your favorite couch!

Use Your Vertical Space

Many cats love to hang out up high. From above, they can survey their territory and feel safe from whatever's going on below. A big part of providing an enriching environment for your cat is having high perches available, and it's even more important to do this when you are working with a small amount of floor space.

Cat trees and condos can do the trick, but you can also keep the top of the refrigerator empty for your cat and securely mount shelves at intervals on the walls to provide a catwalk for your cat to hang out on and enjoy the peace near the ceiling.

Clean Daily

It's always important to provide a nice clean environment for your cat, but that need is amplified when you live in a small home. Scooping the litter at least twice a day and completely replacing it weekly is essential.

Sweeping and mopping with a pet-friendly cleaner routinely and keeping up with cat hair on furniture and bedding will be important because the mess won't be spread out over a big home but rather will build up on the few spaces that your cat has to hang out on.

There's room for two atop the Command Center bundle.

Play Time Is Essential

Cats need ample time to play. Cats that live in small spaces are especially in need of routine playtime with you. Use interactive toys to let your cat exercise his hunter instincts, and put them away when you're not using them.

Get Some Puzzle Toys

Because a small home will have less area for your cat to "patrol" and watch over, you'll need to provide interesting and enriching ways for your kitty companion to pass the time. Puzzle toys are great for this; you can fill them with kibble and leave them for your cat to figure out throughout the day.

The Purrfect Angle provides your kitty with satisfying alternative scratching positions.

Provide Privacy

It can be difficult for your cat to find small spaces, nooks, and crannies to get into and hide when you live in a small home. However, cats love to do just that, so you may need to work to provide this for your kitty.

We love the Cat Cave, which is a way for your cat to feel hidden without you needing to give up a cupboard or large area in your small home.

Let Your Kitty Hunt

Cats love to hunt, but a small home can limit their ability to find good ways to exercise those instincts. Help your kitty hunt by splitting his daily kibble up into several servings and hiding them in bowls around the home. That way, your kitty can hunt them out throughout the day, which provides him with mental stimulation and a tasty food treat as a reward.

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