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  • This is an amazing scratching post. Toby is a large semi-Maine Coon and he is unable to knock it down like he did every other post. Tux is small and hops on it and plays King of the Post. I have had mine for over a year and it still looks brand new. It is in constant use. Well worth the price. United States

  • Gigi
    When we got Gigi from the shelter, she ignored the Mondo for a week or more. Now, it belongs to her. She LOVES it and has not put one claw into any furniture. Georgetown, DE

  • Fiona and Penny Fiona and Penny
    3rd time ordering posts or replacement pads. My cats LOVE THEM. New Hampshire

  • Great Tip! My cats wouldn't touch their new sisal scratching post for 6 months. Never showed the slightest bit of interest! I decide to shine the laser light on it and, lo and behold, they went after the little red light on the post and decided it was good to scratch on after all. Now they use it regularly. Idaho

  • If you are looking for a good scratching post - these are the BEST! I have had one for several years - it is very sturdy, the sisal is very compact and doesnt come apart like the cheaper posts. Our cats use it all the time and it has saved our furniture! Madill, Oklahoma

  • Milo
    Milo. Atlanta, GA

  • Chloe & Palmer
    These products are FANTASTIC. We have had the Mondo with the leopard bed and the Purrfect Angle for three years now, and each gets used every single day. My Maine Coon wakes up each morning and uses the Purrfect Angle, and both cats scratch and sleep on the Mondo every day. This thing has not once tipped over, even with both of them playing on it at the same time. As you can see from our picture, the leopard bed has enough space for them both to sleep (each cat is around 12 lbs). Also, in the three years we’ve had these products, we’ve only replaced the scratching board in the Purrfect Angle once. If you are considering this product, it is well worth the money you will spend. Things I have bought from pet stores can't compare to the sturdiness/durability of these products, not to mention that our cats actually use these consistently. We just bought a Purrfect Post and are sure our cats will love it as well once it arrives. We love these products and will definitely continue to use and buy them in the future! Chicago, IL

  • Kiska Kiska
    After extensive research and watching the videos, I decided to purchase a deluxe perfect post even though postage was more than the price of the post itself. It was worth every penny..... We are teaching our little kitten to use it instead of the lounge, she loves it. We recently adopted her sister, so seriously considering buying another one for the other room they play in. Have totally recommended this to my kitty friends. Queensland AUSTRALIA

  • Missy (on post) Sylvester (watching) Missy (on post) Sylvester (watching) Missy (on post) Sylvester (watching)
    We posted Sylvesters' pic with his new mondo and bed last July, we now would like to post a new kitty, a stray that showed up a few weeks ago, we've named her Missy, enjoying her first time with the purrrfect post! Ardrossan, Alberta, Canada

  • Honey was scratching up my leather couch. And I searched high and low for a scratching post. So one day I put in the search engine, Big enormous scratching post. I pressed images. And there is were I first seen Mundo. Even though I was impressed by Mundo and the PurrFect videos, I decided to get PurrFect Post. My apartment is small. I wouldn't turn back in my decision making. Though If I had a bigger home or more cats The Mundo would be the only choice for me. Honey aka Miss Claws says this is the only choice for her now to. No more scratching the leather sofa. Honest to God, In Jesus Name, Amen Chicago, IL

  • Wow! We just adopted our first kitten (2 months old) and I searched the internet for something that would appeal to a cat (& me!). Carpet, wobbly, & small was all I could find in most local stores. This looked like the best bet & is it ever! Luna was scratching away before it was assembled (which was easy to do!). I was on the fence when shipping to Canada was almost equal to the cost of the post; however, I went for it & it's been worth every penny! Thank you from Katie (Mom), Hannah (5 year old Daughter), & Luna(the kitty cat)! Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

  • Reese and Bennet Reese and Bennet
    My cat Reese took to his Purrfect View right away and seemed excited to be able to fully stretch his body to scratch. He is a big boy at over 12 pounds and the post does wiggle some when he jumps on it, but it does not topple. He loves to look out the window and keep tabs on the neighborhood. Of course, it was only a matter of time before his friend Benny the bunny wanted to partake as well. Thanks for a great product I can happily recommend! Austin, TX

  • Rocky and Rusty Rocky and Rusty Rocky and Rusty
    Kitties relaxing Benson AZ

  • I have your Mondo post and I must say its great! Andy is a 2 year old Rag-Doll and is getting rather large but, Not a problem! He love the post, its the only way to go! many thanks Martinsville, IN

  • This post is unreal! When we opened the box and tossed the wrappings aside, the cat started rummaging in it.. We almost forgot about the 'cigar' that was in there! But we no sooner had the post up near where he usually heads for the cabinets, than he started on it and it's the first thing he goes for in the morning! Add to that the cigar and he goes wild for it. If this works to keep him off the woodwork, he will be the purrfect pet! Bedford NH

  • Clancy
    Clancy loves his Purrfect Post. Not only does he use it exclusively for scratching, but it's a favorite resting area for him! He'll even nap on it. Middlebury, VT

  • I will try to take pix of my cat on the post. This post is the greatest. After a day or two of being leery, she scratched then stretched to her full length, previously impossible with short store-bought posts. Now she scratches, stretches then climbs to the top, bats off toys we put there and does it all day long. My cat loves this thing. Nice design. Duluth, GA

  • Jade Jade Jade
    Here are some pictures of our cat, Jade, enjoying her scratching post! I didn't realize how hard it would be to get good pictures! Thanks for a great product! I am a CVT and am glad that I didn't have to declaw Jade; she used her post from the very first day. - Allison H

  • Cartier Cartier Cartier
    The post arrived today. I took a few pictures of my cat, Cartier, helping me unpack it. - Jared Y.

  • I wanted to tell you how pleased we are with your business. It is not so common to find vendors that take such a good care of their customers’ satisfaction. We have already bought 2 Deluxe scratching posts from you, and since you are responding so well to our concerns, we are going to order a third one so that our cats will have almost one per room. Besides the problem we had lately which you have already corrected very courteously, we are pleased with your product. I should say that our two cats are extremely pleased with it! - Dominique M.

  • Zotz Zotz
    Just wanted to let you know that I'm very pleased with my PurrFect Post! I recently adopted a cat, and getting him to use it was no problem at all. To give him a hint, I scratched it myself at the top of the post (to make "that" scratching sound) and he took to it right away. He even gives me that look of, "Are you sure I'm allowed to do this?" Attached is a picture of Zotz lounging next to his PurrFect Post. Getting an action shot has proved to be difficult. Thanks again, for a great product! - Jeff S.

  • Isabella
    My wife and I were very skeptical about this post actually doing the trick. After just 20 minutes, our cat Isabella fell in love with it and has not scratched another item in our home since! Thank you so much! Lake Hopatcong, NJ

  • Sabrina and Samantha
    Hi! Thought you would like a picture of my two female blue-mink Tonkinese kittens, Sabrina and Samantha, using the PurrFect Post. They love their scratching post and use all the time! Aurora, Colorado

  • Boris
    Boris might be unconventional but he loves his post just the same. Denver, CO

  • Pebbles Pebbles
    Pebbles loves her new scratching post! It's been about a year and she doesn't claw the sofa 'hardly' ever now! Some mistakes but this post was a huge help to us! She likes to climb up the post and wishes it was even taller! Connecticut

  • I was a skeptic having tried many different types of scratching posts over the years. I had a sectional couch with both corners ripped to shreds and the bottom step of my carpeted staircase was destroyed. A remodeling of my living room prompted the purchase of the purrfect post. With new furniture and new hardwood stair case and floor I needed to deter scratching completely. I went for it and bought the Mondo because my cats are big. I also chose to purchase through this website because of the money back guarantee, i figured I didn't have anything to lose if they hated it. Within an hour out of the box they were all over it, I rubbed a little cat nip on it. I got it before I re-did my living room just to make sure they were going to use it. Within a week I was convinced; they were in love. Wanda who is a big orange cat now jumps on the top level. They can really get a good grip on the post and pull and tug and it doesn't tip over. Its very sturdy. They have not touched my new furniture or any of the new wood in the living room. The purrfect post is truly a MIRACLE! Appleton,Maine

  • Emily Rose Emily Rose Emily Rose
    As you can see from the picture Emily loves her PurrFect Post. United States

  • This scratching post is literally the best thing we ever bought for our cat. She absolutely loves it. When we first brought her home from the shelter, she was going crazy on our furniture. We tried a few smaller scratchy-type-items from the pet store, but she wasn't interested. We tried to find a scratching post that wouldn't look tacky in our contemporary home, and we were mostly disappointed with what we found. Eventually I stumbled upon this website, and I ordered the post right away. The second I had it together I'm pretty sure our cat fell in love. She hasn't touched our furniture since, and she's CONSTANTLY running up to the post and sinking her claws into it. Thank you for offering such a well-built and good-looking product. Chicago, IL

  • Max & Shane Max & Shane Max & Shane
    Here are some pictures of our Siamese kittens, Max and Shane, using the PurrFect Post. They love it! Mount Ephraim, NJ

  • I inherited a large, indoor-only cat. A cat tree came with him, but the scratching posts on the tree are so short, Max has to sit to use them. We ordered the Mondo, the tallest scratching post. Max immediately stretched full length up it the minute he saw it! He comes within an inch or so of the top. He uses his Mondo every time he passes by and uses the ledge on top to monitor the neighbors' cats that pass through our yard. Thanks! We love the Mondo, its quality, and the company's quick delivery of it. Santa Barbara, CA

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