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  • Sparkley, Cooper, Minky, Edie, Jackson Sparkley, Cooper, Minky, Edie, Jackson Sparkley, Cooper, Minky, Edie, Jackson
    We got our post over a year ago and my five cats absolutely love it. It is showing some wear, but is still extremely sturdy. I have recommended it to many cat owners! MA

  • I purchased this last year and have been recommending it to all my cat friends. We love it ! NJ

  • I just wanted to thank you for this great product. We received our purrfect post and angle earlier this week and Kitty started using it right away! My husband was talking about having Kitty declawed because he was concerned about the damage his scratching might cause our furniture and carpet, but I feel declawing cats is inhumane. Especially a cat that is 6 years old! I am just SO glad I found the purrfect post and angle. I can't thank you enough! A very satisfied customer...and cat, Oconomowoc, WI

  • Just wanted to let you know that my cat uses the post all the time. I wasn't sure, at first, because he kind of ignored it for a few days but then I dangled a feather toy on a stick in front of it and from then on, he has used it. I think my furniture is saved. Thanks for this great scratching post. - Kathy T.

  • Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Superior quality and our cats are using it intead of the floor carpet. I was amazed that I recieved my order so very quick! I ordered the post 12/23 and it arrived the next day UPS. Our cats had a PURRfect Christmas. - Monika S.

  • Well ... we've had your excellent scratching post for about a year, but our baby has just recently begun to utilize it fully. For many months, our crazy kitty would only use the flat base of the unit ... totally ignoring the post. I though, "Oh great. I spent all this money (well spent) for such a nice, quality unit and the dumb cat is not even going to use it!". I tried to "teach" my finicky feline how to use the post, by standing her up on her hind legs by raisng her paws to the upper area of the post and rubbing her pads against the post. I tried this several times, but she never seemed to be interested. I rubbed catnip into the post, and tried everything I could. She showed no interest in using the post, but remained strongly attracted to the base section, using it daily. I was getting disappointed and frustrated, so I let her be. I had given up on the whole thing and had come to accept the fact that she would only use the base. I even thought about removing the post altogether - but it just looks so darn good! I had even hoped to attach a window ledge to the top of the post, but I put the whole project on the back burner - too busy. Months passed. But wait !!!! What's this???? Oh my gosh - she's using it! I hadn't given her "a lesson" for over six months, but something finally clicked! Oh BOY, does she LOVE stretching to the upper area of the post and "tearing it up"! (actually, it's holding up very well - we trim her claws regularly ... "tearing it up" is just an expression to convey her energy/passion). Anyway ... I just wanted to let you know that there's always a chance for "slow learners" to warm-up to their scratching posts. It took an honest year, but our kitty has found a new friend. She sometimes runs halfway up the post and leaps off ... there's all sorts of new behavior centered around her new buddy (the post). She loves it, and we love it. It is, indeed, "PurrFect". Thanks, again, for such a nice product. Connecticut

  • Hi, I just wanted to send you this email to tell you how pleased I am with my order! You can tell that the person who packed this order cared and did a very good job of packing the post. I have received some packages from different vendors, and you can tell that they didn't care how it was packed, or if, it was packed well. I am also surprised in how fast I received it. Oh, the best part of the order is that it is made in the U.S.A.!! Thank you for a job well done:-)! - Louise R.

  • We received our scratching post last night, and my cat went CRAZY for it. She kept scratching it wildly, getting all the way up on her hind legs (she loves the height). After finally getting tired, she curled up right on the base of the post, putting her paws around it possessively. She stayed that way all night! This is going to SAVE our new living room set - it's so much better quality than what they sell at those chain pet stores, and worth every penny. Thank you for a great product! - Tamara L.

  • The Mondo Post arrived yesterday. Thanks so much! Bu loves it. It will be such a big help to me. Now I can quit being so nervous about where he is scratching. He is using it exclusively already! - Linda K.

  • After 10 years of ruined woodwork and furniture, and tons of unused scratching devices, I ordered this post as a last resort. I was totally amazed at how fast Tab gravitated to it. He absolutly loves this post and honestly has not touched the furniture or the doorjams since the day we took it out of the box. It is so well made and heavy duty ( Tab is a large cat) that he cant knock it over. I would recomend it to anyone who has tried everything! Olympia, Wa.

  • I can't believe how good this scratching post is! My cats absolutely love it. I have tried all different types of posts and really didn't believe this post would be any different, but it is very different. Buck loves the rough texture and Celeste has actually stopped scratching my couch in preference for the post. I am so excited, I can finally go buy new furniture and not worry about my cats ruining it with scratch marks. - Lucy D

  • Our cats absolutely love this scratching post! We ordered it about a year ago, to save a "new" used couch we were given by my mother. My cat Sugar had torn the old couch to shreds. All the cats (all 5) use it every day. Even our new kitten, JoJo, took to it right away, I didn't even have to show it to her. She loves to sit on top of it to view the world around her too. I've recommended the post to all my friends with cats. When they see how well made mine is compared to the ones sold at the pet stores, the price shock disappears. Cleveland, OH

  • We tried all kinds of things to stop our cats from clawing the furniture. Nothing worked--until we got this post! They love it, and now they don't scratch anywhere else! Boston, MA

  • Our cats absolutely love the post. They both share it, and hardly scratch anything else in the house. Dwight is a big boy (15+ lbs, and verrrry long, and he can get a full stretch at the top of the post without any wobbling. Kudos. I'm buying a post for my mother, who just adopted a cat from the shelter. KP Atlanta, GA

  • i have just purchased the PurrFect Angle Scratcher, for my Himalayan Milo. He is going to have lots of fun with it. Thank You Here he is Patiently waiting for it. - Doreen

  • Spot
    My little budddy Spot loves her PurrFect Post, it didnt take her long to start scratching on it, I would put a toy on top of it and she would climb the post to get, she loves it! She runs to it when we are playing, wrapping her paws around it and she will use it to stretch anytime of the day. I am so happy she is no longer scratching the walls. Thank you doctor. Great Falls, Montana

  • My 6 year old cat, Whiskers, had shredded the arms and back of my chenille couch. I knew if I purchased a new couch, the same thing would happen. I happened upon your website last November, 2005 and ordered two posts. It worked!! I put one in the kitchen and one near the couch.I purchased a new couch. I did spray the arms and back with the herbal cat repellent for awhile but she doesn't even go near the couch. Shes loves the scratching posts and uses them daily. Your posts are a small price to pay compared to the price of a couch. Thank you. Hartford, CT

  • I just received my purrfect post march 31. It is everything that Dr. Schelling said it would be. I would recommend purrfect post to any one looking for a sisal post for thier cat. The Purrfect Post is the post to have. Thank you Dr. Schelling and Purrfect Post. FAIRLESS HILLS PA

  • Sherman Sherman
    I was opening your post; put the base at an angle against my leg to fasten the pole to base and "Crystal" started scratching on it even before I got it fully assembled. I'd say it's a hit. I'll try and get a photo. Since I first contacted you, my husband and I purchased a Pixie-Bob kitten we call "Sherman" (yes, he's built like a tank!). Both he and Crystal always use your post and go at it with such pleasure. It is definitely the finest post I've purchased - well worth the money. The other posts around the house have been abandoned. When we bought Sherman he could only reach up halfway on the post - now he stretches out and can almost reach the top and he's only 5 months old. The extra height will surely be a plus in the months to come. It so happens that I am picking up photos this weekend. They cover from mid-August until just last week and I know I have a few of the cats using the post. I'm hoping one is good enough to send for your website. Thanks for a wonderful product. - Cathy V

  • Hello, I wanted to tell you how thrilled we are with our new Purrfect Post. It took my cats about 1 minute to start working out!! Both my cats are 5 months old and they were starting to scratch my BRAND NEW overstuffed couch and loveseat.We had a rope post but they wouldn't use it. My little C.C. loves to climb up and sit on top while Nicky scratches the post and she swings at him with her paw. I've taken some great pictures of them from the first night we had the post which I will forward to you as soon as I can.I now believe all the testimonials on your website. Thank you so much for inventing this furniture saving post. - Marlene B

  • I just wanted to thank you for making such a great product. The minute I removed the post from the box, my older kitty who, unfortunately I declawed, started "scratching" the bottom. The kitten who I purchased the post for immediately started climbing up it and using it almost before I assembled it (by the way, very easy to assemble). I have told everyone I know about this amazing post. My kitties use it every day and have not scratched anything else since I opened the box. I hope to have a really great picture to send you shortly.

    Thanks again,

    - Sue

  • Both cats are using the post and loving it. Punoff, the 11 yr. old Birman, was into pulling apart a lovely but fragile new Pakistani rug.

    I placed the post next to the rug and he has completely stopped tamping on the rug! Dmitri, my 7-month-old Siamese, took to the post immediately. You are right about the stability.

    Thank you . . .

    Cambria, CA

  • I'm so glad I ordered the Purrfect Scratching Post. My cat, Butch, loves it. Within 10 minutes of getting it out of the box he was scratching like crazy. He seems very satisfied with it. Thanks also for the catnip and tips on what to do and not to do. That all helped with our success. I haven't noticed my cat scratch my furniture anymore. When I get a little extra cash, I want to order another for my bedroom . . .

    Thanks again,

    - Caren

  • Hi, The post already arrived today, was really easy to assemble and voila! Oscar the Cat used it straight away with a great satisfied grin (so it seemed) on his face, after viewing the whole unpacking and assembling process suspiciously from under the couch! I'm very pleased and hopeful that this is the end of the quiet suffering of our couch . . . <P>And this post definitely is the most esthetic cat furniture I've laid my eyes on so far!</P> Los Angeles

  • I ordered your post with a LOT of doubt. However, all that is gone. My cat LOVES this post, and has even changed in personality (he's a lot friendlier) and wants to show everyone his new post? I'm writing to find out about whether it will be available in a "tree"? He wants to actually climb on it? Let me know! thanks! - Lynda

  • The post arrived last week and I am impressed with its heavy, sturdy construction. As you know, if a cat tries to use a post that sways or topples, the cat usually won't go near it again. Our twelve week-old Siamese loves to climb it and even our old gray lady sharpens her claws on the base (even though she has no front claws). Sometimes I turn it on its side and tie a toy to the base so the kitten can use it like a downed tree trunk. One feature I would like to see however is a small platform on top. Our kitten loves to clamber to the top but once there she only has that little wooden disk to sit on. Fine product, though. Abington Twp., PA

  • I received my scratching post last week and my cat loves it. When I brought it in she watched me unpack it and assemble it with interest. I put a toy with some catnip rubbed on it to entice her which worked in a matter of minutes. It is nice and sturdy so she can really dig in and it doesn't move. Your post is much better than the carpet or sisal covered ones the stores carry. Thank you. El Paso, Texas

  • Elliot
    I named my cat after my favorite person. Before this post, my cat was a pain in the butt. But now, Elliot stays of my nerves. Three Rivers

  • Stray
    Strays come and scratch on my post. It's annoying. Three Rivers

  • Bear Bear Bear
    You rock! Santa Cruz, CA

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