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Dr. Christianne Schelling's love kitty cats drives her to make great products for cats.

Purrfect Post began as something that veterinarian Dr. Christianne Schelling designed for some of her friends. They told her they couldn't find a cat scratching post that fit their needs and those of their cats. Most of the posts available were too short, too wobbly, covered in fluffy material or carpet. Cats didn't like them much, and they weren't very attractive as accent pieces in homes.

Because of her knowledge and research into cat behavior, Dr. Schelling knew that there were certain characteristics in a cat scratching post that were non-negotiable when it came to feline needs. These are:

  • Height
  • Sturdiness
  • Satisfying scratching material


She also knew that it was important for Purrfect Post products to be elegant and attractive, so people would place them in prominent areas of their homes where cats would be happiest to find and use them.

After Dr. Schelling produced her first posts for friends, it wasn't long before more and more people were asking for one. She decided that it was time to start a business, and was born.

Dr. Schelling knew that she wanted her products to be manufactured in the USA by American craftsmen. There just wasn't another choice as far as she was concerned because she wanted the best possible quality for her scratching posts. Supporting the US economy and putting Americans to work was another important consideration for her.

Ultimately, the reason that Dr. Schelling has worked so hard to research, develop, manufacture, and promote Purrfect Post products is because she does not believe that declawing cats is humane. Declawing is the amputation of all 10 front digits up the first joint, and it is a painful procedure that can leave cats in physical and mental pain for life. Providing a quality cat scratching post that cats will love can help prevent cat declaws and other unpleasant consequences for cats that scratch their owners' belongings.

Purrfect Post is a division of Dr. Schelling's corporation, Aquanta LLC. Located at the Base of the Sequoia National Forest in Three Rivers, CA, Aquanta explores the many different ways that we can improve our lives through education and high-quality products. Aquanta delves into a vast and diverse range of subjects including pet and human wellness, ways to de-stress, skin and hair care, cutting-edge product development, and more.

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