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The Mondo Info

The tallest woven sisal
cat scratching post available.
39 inches
With a top platform where your cat
can perch, play or rest.

"This post is amazing!
It's totally Huge.
My Maine Coon Loves it!"

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Mondo Deluxe Dimensions Mondo Deluxe
Mondo Standard Dimensions Mondo Standard

Your favorite feline deserves to be on a pedestal.

Actually, calling the Mondo a scratching post is an understatement. This is a Scratching Tower! A skyscraper for your kitties to climb and scratch. Where they can wrestle and play and do fun cat stuff. You won't find a comparable post anywhere. This is our own special design - a design that caters specifically to what cats LOVE!

The Mondo Standard
The Mondo Deluxe

What's the Difference?

Really? This is for me?!

Functional, fun and handsome.

Your special kitty will be thrilled with this gigantic scratching post and you'll be impressed with the way it looks. Our own office cats couldn't believe their eyes when we first started testing the prototypes. You could see their feline minds excited with the prospect of attacking it.
"Thank you so much for this truly majestic new post. King and Queen take turns playing King of the World!"

But be forewarned: This is not a small post you can tuck away in a hidden corner.
This is a Pillar with a Presence.

Here are the Mondo Dimensions
Post and Mondo size comparison
Overall Height 39 inches tall
Base Dimension 19.5 inches square
Top Platform Dimension 13 inches square
Post Diameter 9 inches
Post Circumference 29 inches round
Total Weight 30 pounds
Simone Sez - (and Fancy agrees) "Two Paws Up... we LOVE the Mondo Post. There's enough room to play tag from the top platform and the post is the biggest we've ever scratched!"

More than just a cat scratching post.

The Mondo provides endless enjoyment and variety. Your cats can scratch vertically and horizontally. They can climb and play, perch and snooze. The diameter of the post is so large that two of our office kitties (Simone and Fancy) play tag and hide and seek around it. Peelet (our 22 pound HUGE tabby cat) is just a little too big to hide behind it. But he climbs it, perches on top, and plays King of the World.

Peelit and Fancy
"Meow meow, meow meaow - Purrrr..."
- Bear, Santa Cruz

Designed by a Veterinarian who knows what cats want and need in a scratching post.

Veterinarian Dr. Christianne Schelling spent years developing and testing this unique scratching post.

I started making scratching posts years ago because I couldn't find any that were good enough. My mission is to help save cats from declawing.
Dr. Christianne Schelling
You can't prevent cats from scratching. It's part of their basic nature. What you can do is provide them with things they love to scratch that are acceptable to you as well. Because our posts are so effective, we have saved so many sweet cats from declawing. (Not to mention the couches saved.)

Small, flimsy posts hold no interest for cats.They need tall, sturdy and stable surfaces covered in textures they can shred.

The Mondo comes in dark and light wood trim.

Thoroughly tested by our finicky felines

Cats simply adore the Mondo. It is the Ultimate Scratching Tower to provide that thoroughly satisfying scratching experience that cats need. Yes - need. Cats have an instinctive need to scratch. It's not something they do just to irritate us. They need it for exercise, claw maintenance, security and pleasure. The Mondo definitely makes our cats' lives happier.

I bought the Mondo for my boy so that he could have something nice in his room. It is a very beautiful, humongous post! He seems to really like it too and it is the perfect height for him since he is such a loooooong boy. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I love you guys!!!
- Tiffanie from Cottonwood, AZ

Scratching furniture is a no-no. Mondo to the rescue!

One of the reasons cats like to scratch furniture is because it's big, stable and satisfying. And remember, cats also scratch to mark their territory. So having a large scratching post helps satisfy their need to mark their home.

So don't be afraid to upgrade your couch!

Now you don't have to be afraid to upgrade your couch!

The Mondo Deluxe $239.95 + shipping

The Mondo Standard $209.95 + shipping

Individually hand-made in the USA by our local craftsmen

Designed by veterinarian Dr. Schelling and thoroughly tested by our multi-cat feline department, each post is individually handcrafted by local craftsmen (USA made). No shoddy work here. You will be as pleased as your cat is with the quality and the look of this post.

"Thank you again for being so wonderful to deal with!! I received my order last Wednesday (so FAST!!!). My cats love their posts and the toys especially 'Da Bird.'"

The base and platform are trimmed with solid wood in light or dark stain and covered with the sisal fabric cats adore.

The sisal-covered post is a whopping 9 inches in diameter and 29 inches around. And don't worry about the "tipping factor"... The post is equipped with anti-tip weight distribution inside the post so your cats can enjoy it safely.

The post of The Mondo is reversible. If you notice the upper half of the post is beginning to show its been better loved than the bottom, you can simply take the platform off of The Mondo, turn the post over, and place the platform back on top. This will give your cat a fresh new place to sink their claws into and extend the life of The Mondo.

Look! It's Simone Kong




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