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  • I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the purchase of the scratching post. I've had two Himalayan kittens for about 5 weeks and from the moment I received the post, they have been smelling it, scratching it and playing on it! As soon as they wake up, they go straight to it to stretch and dig their nails. I have not seen a single scratch on my leather couches or chairs... it is amazing and I probably wouldn't have believed it, had I not seen it or experienced it myself. Thank you for the beautiful and very useful post. My kittens Eclair and Fluff love it! (More comments sent later) ... and you can add that we are still delighted with the scratching post. Now that the kittens are over three months old, they are even more active and playful. The scratching post has been worth every penny, my husband and I agree. He even said he could not have made anything so beautiful and so well made, which by the way caught me by surprise since he loves to work with wood and make things! The post even looks beautiful in the family room, I don't think I could have put one of those carpet covered ones there! They just don't compare. Thank you again for such a wonderful product. Sincerely, - Angela L
  • Hey, Doc, you've really got something here! The post works great, the cats love it, my wife loves it and it looks good in the house. What a concept! Thanks. - Brian
  • This morning she (Felice) was happily scratching away on her post! After she finished and laid down, I went over and petted and praised her. Additionally, I feel that the post is attractive and well built. Thanks - Nancy B
  • Thank you, thank you, thank you. The Purrfect Post really is perfect. My two cats, very different in temperament, practically line up to use it.

    This is one product that lives up to what is said about it. - D. Morse
  • My cat Frederico and I just LOVE your scratching post I love Freddy but like your website says I love my furniture too and it was making me crazy trying to get him not to scratch on the living room couch. I did what you said and put it where he notices it right away and he uses it now all the time instead of the furniture. Thank you for making a post that works! - Joyce T
  • I have this big cat that's not fat or anything, but he's long and when he stands up to scratch he's really tall. He just wouldn't go near the other post I had for him I think maybe because it fell over once when he was scratching on it but he really really likes your post and uses it all the time. He likes to go there right after he wakes up from a nap and he just scratches and scratches like he's having a really good time. So thanks and I think this really is the purrfect post. - Nadine S.
  • Romeo and Stella love this scratching post. I am going to get another for my bedroom so Romeo will stop scratching the corner of my bed. - Korena
  • Just wanted to let you know that I just rec'd my scratching post this morning. I bought it for home, but had it delivered to work where I have an office cat and two foster cats. I put it together, and it took about 30 seconds (and I'm not exaggerating here) for my foster cats to start using it. Okay, I guess that's good news, except that now I may have to buy another one to keep here too.

    Thanks - Kathy H
  • My cat, Biscuit, loves to scratch the carpet in this one area. So I laid the post on it's side over there and she is using it instead. I rubbed a little catnip on the post, making sure none got on the carpet and she loved it. She is continuing to use the post and I have moved it over to the side of the room. She has completely given up the carpet. - Sue D
  • This scratching post is really a well-made, heavily constructed post. I am truly impressed with the quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. Plus the cats really go after it. - Lea H
  • I bought this post as a last resort. I figured there was a money back guarantee so I didn't have anything to lose. I was right. My cats use it exclusively to any other scratching surface. This scratching post has worked so well that I have ordered two more to put in other rooms. - Andrew L
  • I purchased and received the Purrfect Post about 10 days ago. I am so pleased to say it only took about 2 days for my cat to begin using it regularly. As you suggested in your instructions I placed the post close to a wicker chair (one she seemed intent on destroying) and rubbed a little catnip on the post. After she sniffed around the post she gave it a great scratch, and went back twice more the first day. I have slowly moved the post to the corner of the room where it is out of the way and she has completely stopped using the chair! I have tried a post prior to this and realize now that it was too small and not secure enough for her to feel comfortable with. Thanks so much for your wonderful advice, product, and website! Sincerely, - Kerry S
  • The quality of this scratching post is unsurpassed. It's truly a heavy-duty post. That is very important to me because I have a huge Maine Coon cat weighing over 20 pounds. All the other posts were just too small for him. Bruiser needed a macho post and he's got it now with your scratching post. I put it in front of the couch he was scratching and he started using it immediately. As instructed, I started moving it slowly away to a more suitable area for me. He just kept on using it. I'm truly impressed. Bruiser thanks you for making a real scratching post for a real cat. - David T
  • Purrfect Post is a savior. My cats use it regularly. In fact this morning Cal was using the post and Princess was second in line waiting for her turn. I covered the couch with a tight fitting cover and they don't try and get at it any more. If things continue as well as they are I will either recover my couch or maybe even indulge in a new one. - Harriet D
  • We received the cat post and Macy really likes it. We sprinkled catnip on it and brushed her (she loves to be brushed) and she was scratching in no time. Thanks very much for all of your help and advice! The post was very easy to assemble. My 14-year-old son put it together in minutes, and it is very sturdy. Macy can completely stretch out to scratch without any wobbling. I'll try to get a picture of her using it and send it to you! - Julie H
  • Max has a huge cat condo he loves to sleep in but he really prefers to scratch my furniture. I bought your Purrfect Post thinking at least if he didn't use it I could get my money back, unlike the condo. I was skeptical but pleasantly surprised when he started using it right away. I put the post next to his condo and he uses it every time he wakes up from his nap. - John D
  • I got the post today and my cats started using it right away. I didn't even have to put catnip on it. It's really great. I had it on its side and they immediately started examining it, then scratching it like crazy. I really think this one is going to save my furniture. Thanks! - Linda C
  • This post is gorgeous! The website pictures don't do it justice. I am truly impressed. Plus my cat loves it. - Elizabeth R
  • Oscar
    Thank you for providing Oscar with an excellent perch and lounge bed. He's sooooo happy and took to his right away. This is a solid, good looking and functional piece of furniture that looks great in my home. Thank you for the prompt shipment since he really, really needed this to help take the edge off the excess energy of a 12-week old kitten. You have a wonderful line of products, and I expect to be ordering more products from you soon. Again, thank you so very much for helping out Oscar. Michele
  • Testimonial for the Purrfect Post

    Before my current career as a cat behaviorist, the Catsultant®, I founded and operated Cat Connection® in Dallas for 15 years. The Cat Connection grew to be the largest boarding, grooming and retail facility, exclusively for cats, in the Southwest and celebrated its 30-year anniversary in August of 2015.

    I made a commitment to my customers there to carry only the very best—and safest—cat products on the market. We sold a lot of cat products including good, strong, tall scratching posts during the first 15 years.

    After selling the Cat Connection, I was able to get a first-hand look at what cat owners actually had in their home for their cats—toys, food, bowls, litterboxes and litter, cat trees—and scratching posts. I found that most cat owners who even had scratching posts didn't have a large or heavy enough scratching post to prevent their cats from scratching on the sofa, chair or carpet. Cats are gonna scratch! They are hard-wired to do so!

    The Purrfect Post, created and designed by a cat veterinarian, has helped hundreds and hundreds of cats finally get their scratching needs met properly—on the Purrfect post or the Mondo. And, the cats' guardians are elated since their sofas will be safer and not damaged, or destroyed due to cat scratching.

    I have the Purrfect Post and a Mondo Post for my own 2 cats and they couldn't be happier to be able to finally stretch out and scratch on a tall, sturdy and heavy scratching post that truly meets their needs. I recommend every cat home have at least one of these purrfectly designed posts for their feline family!

    - Lana Fraley Rich, Catsultant®
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