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A Word from Dr. Christianne Schelling, the Inventor of Purrfect Post.

Posted by Dr. Christianne Schelling on

Dr. Christianne Schelling

I'm Christianne Schelling, and I'm so excited to be writing my first blog post! I thought I'd use this post to introduce myself and tell you a bit about Purrfect Post.

I'm the inventor of Purrfect Post products. I made the first ones for friends who couldn't find good scratching posts that their cats wanted to use. I'm a veterinarian, so I knew why cats didn't like the other posts: they weren't really made for cats! They were mostly short, wobbly, fluffy, and soft, but cats want tall, sturdy, tough, and shreddable.

So I built a post for cats but made it as beautiful as I could for people.

Pretty soon, I was getting more and more requests for my special posts because cats love them. So I started Purrfect Post, and I have absolutely loved the stories I've heard over the years of people whose cats love the posts and the humans who love them, too.

Today, so you can get to know me better, I want to share with you four things that I'm passionate about:

  1. Ending cat declawing. It's an inhumane surgery, and I work tirelessly to provide people with alternatives that will allow them to live peacefully with their clawed cats.
  2. Making quality products in the USA. Purrfect Post products are individually handmade by craftsmen in the United States. Our posts may be a bit more expensive than some others, but that's because they are built to last, with quality materials.
  3. Sharing accurate information about pets. I'm a veterinarian, and I'm committed to disseminating as much good information about pet care and well-being to as many people as possible. In fact, not only do I provide lots of great, accurate information on this site, but I also do so on and
  4. I only recommend and sell products that I use personally. I love pets, and I live with pets. It's important to me that, if I'm offering a product to you, I use it myself and know that it's great and pets love it.

So, that's me in a nutshell: veterinarian, inventor, and pet-lover. Oh, and now: blog writer.

Have a purr-ific day!

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