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Post Specifications
Purrfect Angle - Angled Scratching Post

A great new scratcher from The PurrFect Post

The light wood angle scratcher is a beautiful addition to the home
Here's a great new product to give your cat another satisfying place to scratch instead of your furniture.
It's natural for cats to scratch, so why not provide them with something they will love?
In studying cat scratching behavior we've found that many cats love to scratch angled surfaces as well as vertical ones. And like the rest of us, they like variety.
So we've designed the PurrFect Angle to give variety of both scratching material and surface construction.

It's the PurrFect complement to The PurrFect Post.

PurrFect Angle Scratcher™

Or only $39.95 with the purchase of a PurrFect Post

Q Why should my cat have a post and an angle scratcher?

A Variety is the spice of life...

This thick, high quality dense corrugated material provides a completely different feel than sisal. Your cat will enjoy having different, immensely satisfying, scratching surfaces to choose from.

Providing a variety of acceptable scratching surfaces will help protect your furniture.

Added Benefits

  • Takes up little space.
    Low profile keeps it out of sight.
  • Stores easily.
    Sides removable for flat storage.
  • Fits in places where you couldn't put a large post.
    Fits under shelves, tables, etc.

Perfect Angle

Better than flat cardboard scratchers.

The PurrFect Angle allows cats to crouch down on their haunches, dig in, and really stretch and work those back and shoulder muscles. A bit like Kitty Yoga with props.

Satisfying Scratching Surface

We designed the Purrfect Angle to feature a very dense, long-lasting replaceable corrugated insert instead of sisal to further increase the variety, and like our post, make it super sturdy and satisfying to scratch. Cats love the way it feels under their claws as the shred the corrugated material, and it makes splendid noise, so the scratching experience is greatly enhanced.

Charlie loves the stretch that the PurrFect Angle Scratcher gives him

Reversible and Replaceable Scratching Inserts

The heavy-duty inserts can be reversed, so when one side has been thoroughly enjoyed you just turn it over to a fresh side. Replacement pads are available when needed.

Attractive Natural Wood Design

These wood angle scratchers are all handmade by our fine craftsmen to assure a quality appearance for your home as well as an appealing scratcher for kitty.

Handcrafted in the USA

Each PurrFect Angle scratcher is individually handcrafted to our specifications and finished by our talented craftsmen, assuring you a high quality product.


The unique design of this angle scratcher allows your cat to stand on it and really dig in for a good scratch without fear of it toppling over, as many cardboard scratchers do.

Mickey The Monster of Love frantically loves this scratcher

This is Micky, our 20lb tabby, who enjoys standing backwards on the scratcher and scratching from the bottom up. Our new product lets him scratch and stretch in a position he couldn't possibly do without the PurrFect angle. Stability is a must for this husky guy's favorite maneuver.

Cozy Kittie loving the PurrFect Angle
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