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  • This image shows the Lynx side of the Muffin Blanket
  • This image shows the Mocha Latte side of the Muffin Blanket
  • This image shows the Truffle side of the Muffin Blanket
  • This image shows the Red Fox side of the Muffin Blanket
  • This image shows the Red Hearts Muffin Blanket
  • This image shows the Pink Hearts Muffin Blanket
  • This image shows the Zebra Muffin Blanket
  • This is a close-up of the unbelievably soft Lynx material.
  • This is a close-up of the unbelievably soft Mocha Latte material.
  • This is a close-up of the unbelievably soft Truffle material.
  • This is a close-up of the unbelievably soft Red Fox material.
  • This is a close-up of the unbelievably soft Red Hearts material.
  • Close-up of the amazingly silky soft Pink Hearts material.
  • Red and Green
  • Close-up of Red and Green Muffin Blanket
  • Lily enjoying Red and Green Muffin Blanket
  • Red Roses material
  • Close-up of Red Roses

Muffin Blanket

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Product Description

Now on sale! Extra Large Round Muffin Blankets in the following colors are $10 off: Zebra, Lynx, Pink Hearts, Green/Red, and Red Roses.

Lily sleeping in her incredibly soft, ultra-comfortable Muffin Blanket.
Lily with a large Red Fox Muffin Blanket in the Purrfect Bed

Introducing the Muffin Blanket! These super-soft, luxurious blankets are individually handmade. They are available in 4 gorgeous reversible color combinations and 6 solid colors. Your cat will absolutely love making happy kitty muffins with his or her paws while settling in for a long, cozy nap. They are not stuffed with any material and are easily washable. These elegant, cuddle-luxe blankets fit perfectly into the Purrfect Bed, or they can be placed anywhere your kitty likes to nap or sit.

Please Note: These blankets are individually handmade, so there may be slight variations in size. They may be slightly bigger or smaller on some measurements.

Product Benefits and Facts:

  • Made in the USA
  • Individually handmade
  • Soft and cozy
  • Comes in 4 sizes:
    • Small, 15" round size fits perfectly into the bottom of the Purrfect Bed.
    • Large, 22" round size is available, which gives the Purrfect Bed a luxurious, cuddly "muffin top."
    • NEW Extra Large, 34" round size is available in some patterns.
    • Lap Blanket, 2 foot by 2 foot square size gives the perfect cozy spot on your lap for kitty to make muffins.
  • Keeps bed or other surface on which your cat sleeps free of cat hair
  • Available in 6 colors, and 5 more beautiful color combinations

Cat kneading the muffin blanket.

Available in 6 solid colors:

  • Truffle
  • Mocha Latte
  • Lynx
  • Red Hearts
  • Pink Hearts
  • Zebra
  • Red Roses

Also available in 4 reversible color combinations:

  • Red Fox / Truffle
  • Truffle / Mocha Latte
  • Arctic Lynx / Mocha Latte
  • Arctic Lynx / Truffle
  • Green / Red

Truffle, Lynx, and Mocha Latte material feels silky and soft. The Zebra material is a bit more plush, and the Red and Pink Heart materials are "in between." All are incredibly soft and cozy.

Wash by hand.

The Muffin Blanket hangs over the regular sized Purrfect Bed a bit farther than the extra large sized Purrfect Bed product.

Also available: Muffin Pillows!

Fancy's Review

I'm a refined, elegant type of cat, and I love all things luxurious and genteel. I don't know how I managed to survive before I had my Muffin Blanket. It's probably the softest thing ever, and when I sit on it, my front paws start moving back and forth as if they have a mind of their own. I can't help it; I'm so comfortable and happy when I curl up on my Muffin Blanket. Mom says she likes it because it keeps my hair off of her bedspread, where I like to sleep. I don't know why a little hair is a problem, but humans will be humans, I guess. I have to go: the dog is trying to fit on my Muffin Blanket again.

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  1. Muffin blanket is so soft! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 16th Oct 2017

    Received the two muffin blankets and Smudge was already kneading the bag...I took them out and she smelled the cat nip and the raid was on... oh that kitty is in love! Thanks!!!

  2. Zebra is soooooooo SOFT 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 1st Oct 2017

    I have several of the other styles, but the zebra is thicker and more plush. I love it! Looks great with red. Really nice.

  3. Muffin blanket 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 7th Sep 2017

    My Levi and Lucy love the muffin blankets. This is my second one and I ordered the little pillow as well

  4. Another superior product 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 5th Sep 2017

    Another find product form PurrfectPost. It just doesn't happen to be our cat's favorite. Instead, he prefers an unobstructed access to the carpet material which lines the basket - so he can scratch and destroy it. Nevertheless, the muffin blanket is clearly well made and carefully thought out.

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