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Honeysuckle Large Body Pillow - Single (Assorted)

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Product Description

Cats love these body pillows! And this large size is perfect for big cats or small cats with big attitudes. Long enough to hug, hold with the front feet, and bunny-kick with the back, these pillows are bound to become your cat's favorite toy. The honeysuckle inside will only add to your cat's play experience.

Note: Honeysuckle cat toys are made with the wood of the Tartarian honeysuckle bush, not with honeysuckle flowers, which are toxic to cats. Therefore, honeysuckle cat toys don't smell like honeysuckle flowers. You can learn more here: "Honeysuckle: When Catnip Doesn't Create a Crazy Cat"

Product Facts:

  • Measures 3" x 11".
  • Filled with high-quality honeysuckle.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Durable material.
  • Large, tough, and snuggly.

The Honeysuckle Body Pillow is also available in a smaller size, 2.5" x 7", here: Honeysuckle Small Body Pillow

Price is for one Body Pillow. Please allow us to surprise you with a design.

Honeysuckle affects some cats the same way catnip does! They like to inhale, rub on, and lick it, and it can result in extra playfulness and energy. In fact, many cats that don’t respond to catnip are affected by honeysuckle. Our honeysuckle toys are made in the USA and filled with quality honeysuckle.
Tip: if your honeysuckle toy seems to lose some of its potency, spritzing it with water will rejuvenate it!

Honeysuckle affects some cats the same way catnip does!


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  1. Fantastic ... but only for 10 days :-( 3 Star Review

    Posted by on 27th Aug 2020

    My 1 yr old cat doesn't respond to catnip and I was thrilled to discover honeysuckle toys, as was she w/the body pillow. I even sent in 2 videos of her going wild w/it and having a generally great time. But after about 10 days, meh. I've wet it [as is directed], sprayed it *a lot* w/honeysuckle spray, but she really has no interest. So disappointing because it's such an added source of play fun and pleasure. Would welcome any suggestions of how to revive it.

    Message from Dr Schelling at Purrfect Post.
    Sometimes cats get "bored" of the same toy if it is available all the time. Cats appreciate novelty and new "prey."
    What I recommend doing is giving the toy to your cat once every day or so and then putting it away in a plastic bag so it stays fresh. Make sure it is dry before doing this. Then present it to your cat as a new play toy.
    Please contact us with any questions.

  2. Liked 3 Star Review

    Posted by on 14th Sep 2016

    My cats were happy with these at first and really enjoyed them. But after initial appreciation have not shown much interest. Could be because they are old, one is 17 and the other 3 are 12. At first I thought I should have bought 4 so each could have one. I might give them to my daughters kittens.

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