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Honeysuckle Socks - 2 pack (Assorted)

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Product Description

If your cat likes to steal and snuggle up with your family's stinky socks, give that furry feline friend a better-smelling option. Cute, coordinating, and fun, these honeysuckle-filled socks are the perfect size for your kitty to bat around, toss up in the air, and snuggle up with at naptime. They're great for a rousing game of hide-and-seek or fetch with you, too.

Note: Honeysuckle cat toys are made with the wood of the Tartarian honeysuckle bush, not with honeysuckle flowers, which are toxic to cats. Therefore, honeysuckle cat toys don't smell like honeysuckle flowers. You can learn more here: "Honeysuckle: When Catnip Doesn't Create a Crazy Cat"

Product Benefits:

  • Filled with cat-attracting honeysuckle.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Smells good, unlike the used socks your cat usually carries around.

Price is for a 2-pack of coordinating socks. Please let us surprise you with a design combo.

Honeysuckle affects some cats the same way catnip does! They like to inhale, rub on, and lick it, and it can result in extra playfulness and energy. In fact, many cats that don’t respond to catnip are affected by honeysuckle. Our honeysuckle toys are made in the USA and filled with quality honeysuckle.
Tip: if your honeysuckle toy seems to lose some of its potency, spritzing it with water will rejuvenate it!

Honeysuckle affects some cats the same way catnip does!

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